Fanfic Friday: 10 Supernatural Jack Kline Fic Recs

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone; today we have Supernatural’s Jack Kline on board for a wonderful FF. After binge-watching Supernatural’s season 13 on Netflix, we had to include Jack Kline in the next edition of FF.

Jack Kline

After becoming mildly obsessed with the adorable-ness that is Jack, this Fanfic Friday is dedicated to him. The wonderful friend, son, brother, and Nephilim who wants to just do some good in the world and not be like his actual Satan father, Lucifer.

Disclaimer, there’s not many Jack Kline fic recs out there that aren’t just Destiel or another plot covering up the actual Jack plot. So we did our best to find any sort of Jack Kline fic at all, whether it be Destiel included or not.

Sorry in advance, we just really love Jack and wanted to appreciate him in a Fanfic Friday!

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1. The Road Less Traveled
By: woodland59

Summary: Dean is possessed by Michael. Sam will stop at nothing to get the aArchangelout of his brother. Even travel down a path that he’d sworn off long ago.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 6020

2. Mirrors

Summary: Sam goes on an accidental trip. Or at least part of him does. Post-13×04. AU(ish).
Rating: Mature
Words: 15491

3. Ohana Means Family

Summary: Prompt: ‘Jack finds reader hurt up real bad (either by a supernatural being or human, don’t matter), and he tells Cas, and Cas brings ra eader to the boys at the bunker and reader is taken care of.’ AND ‘Family don’t end with blood.’
Rating: Mature
Words: 1411

4. Rakkaani

Summary: N/A: Based on a prompt.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 1332

5. Christmas One Shots

Summary: This is a collection of the Christmas one-shot request fics I have written every year for the people who request them. All seasons and characters.
Rating: General
Words: 51799

6. Caught in a Landslide

Summary: Or, the one where Sam, Dean and Jack tromp around the Multiverse looking for pieces of Castiel. Humor, angst, hijinks, and craziness ahoy! This is an SPN Destiel story, for the most part… other fandoms are included, but merely for setting/plot and… uh… reasons… 😉
Rating: Mature
Words: 15293

7. Prophetic Ties

Summary: Kevin gets a mysterious visitor who takes him to the future.
Rating: Not Rated
Words: 2433

8. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Summary: A/N: Written for @squirrel-moose-winchester’s Make It Dirty Gif Challenge. Semi-NSFW… I may have left it kinda dirty but tastefully so…
Rating: Mature
Words: 500

9. Always

Summary: A/N: Written for @coffeeandwinchesters’ 100 Follower Milestone Challenge and @chelsea072498’s Write For You Challenge. See if you can spot a line from a favorite movie of mine. I was originally gonna make this angsty but decided against it. At least for this one!
Rating: Teen +
Words: 913

10. Worlds Removed

Summary: Takes place after 13×22. When Dean, Sam, Charlie, Bobby, Castiel, and Jack attempt to cross through the rift, they are redirected and end up somewhere they never expected.
Rating: Mature
Words: 3006

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