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Today is the last day of FANFIC FRIDAY Horror October, so we have done a special anime edition, mixing different anime and including crossovers! Some of these are really dark and creepy, so remember to read the rating and tags properly before starting to read. Also, feel free to send us your suggestions for November’s theme!

Now, prepare a warm cup of pumpkin latte and have fun reading these 10 anime horror fic recs. And have a great, spooky Halloween!

Bride of the Monster

By: sashocirrione
Summary: L is not entirely human, and is rapidly becoming less human after a certain event. L sets out to make Light his “bride” by force.
Fandom: Death Note (crossover with Cthulhu Mythos)
Rating: Explicit – Graphic Depictions of Violence, Rape/Non-Con – M/M, F/F, Other – Body Horror, Gross, Violence, Rape, Drugs, Monsters, Mythology/Religion… (more tags inside)
Words: 20,561

Grief Science

By: CornetHummy
Summary: “You can have whatever you want if you just wish for it.” It’s a tempting proposition, but it comes with consequences. Chell knows them well, but she may be the last hope of a divergent timeline.
Fandom: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (crossover with Portal)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Graphic Depictions of Violence – Multi, Gen – Magical Girls, Magical Boys, Psychological Horror, Dark Fantasy, Natural Disasters, Violence
Words: 163,918

I’m just a problem that doesn’t want to be solved

By: Miyukitty
Summary: There was a sharp tightness in his chest as he reached the parking lot – a bad feeling, if he wanted to be vague about it. Teshima frowned as he dropped the trash in the dumpster. He had not become so dependent that he couldn’t part with Aoyagi for a brief errand, had he? He knew it was a bad habit of his, dependency, and quashed the urge to go back upstairs and forget about the stupid coffee. He would come back with coffee, dammit, because he didn’t have to like being apart but he could still handle it.
Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal & Tokyo Ghoul
Rating: Mature – M/M – AU, Canon-Typical Violence, Blood and Gore, Cannibalism, Murder, Dubcon Kissing, Past Relationaships, Yandere, Anxiety, Horror, Guilt, Mental Instability… (more inside)
Words: 10,882

The Depths of Rapture (Discontinued)

By: Mistweaver
Summary: (…) He died that day. By his own tormented hand, Eren Jeager died on the cold, filthy ground, his lifeless eyes staring into the nothingness that awaited him. At that moment, his story had ended. But someone had been watching him and his tragic story. And that someone decided to rewrite it.
Fandom: Attack on Titan (crossover with Bioshock)
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depictions of Violence – M/M – Blood and Gore, Slow Build, Non-Canon Age Difference, Eventual Smut, Amnesia, Horror
Words: 20,322

The HauNted

By: MissTuffcy
Summary: Inuyasha and Sesshomaru both inherit a house; that has been in their family for centuries; after their father passed away from unexplained illnesses. The house brings the two together as they both decided they wanted to investigate. What secrets does this house hold? Are the two brothers’ ready to handle it? Can they do so without killing each other?
Fandom: Inuyasha
Rating: Mature – F/M, M/M – Explicit Language, Minor Character Death, Mild Gore, AU-Modern Setting, Mystery, Horror, Some Humor
Words: 21,082

The Rules

By: Number One Fan of Journey
Summary: The nations that bothered to come to this meeting leave the building afterwards to find themselves in a strange and unfamiliar place. Their only clue to escape is a note titled “The Rules”. But The Rules involve them killing each other. And it even makes it sound like they won’t always come back to life. The thing must be a joke… Right?
Fandom: Hetalia – Axis Powers
Rating: Fiction T – Horror/Suspense
Words: 144,496

Fever Dream

By: taranoire
Summary: Edward wakes up in a hospital bed and does not know where his brother is.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – What-If, Psychological Horror, Dark
Words: 1,743

I’ll Be Watching You

By: Princess Destiny
Summary: On Halloween, Usagi starts to get messages on her phone from someone who says they’re a secret admirer. At first the conversation appears to be quite innocent, but then it starts to get really creepy and she starts to think maybe someone is in the house with her.
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Rating: Fiction M – Horror/Romance
Words: 17,829

Like It’s Holy

By: sojustifiable
Summary: They’ve always been in the dark — Maka feels safer that way and there are things she’d rather leave in the past. Everything comes to light eventually, though, and her weapon is nothing if not there for her through remembering past trauma.
Fandom: Soul Eater
Rating: Explicit – F/M – Fluff, Smut, Angst, Flashbacks, Body Horrors, Scars, Implied/Referenced Torture, Actually Smooshy
Words: 6,050

Born From

By: higgsburied
SummaryYour name is Reigen Arataka, and you’ve made a big mistake.
Fandom: Mob Psycho 100
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depcitions of Violence – Gen – Silent Hill AU, Horror, Reader-Interactive
Words: +25K (on-going)

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