Fanfic Friday: 10 Animal Kingdom Fic Recs

Animal Kingdom

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! Today the focus is on the series the Animal Kingdom and the pair of Dera, Cody, and Adrian. The Fanfic recs are going to focus on their relationship and the special dynamic between them. If you want more Animal Kingdom fanfic or any other fanfiction, don’t hesitate to catch us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

1. Desire Lines

By: Lila82
Summary: Deran makes amends.
Rating: Mature
Words: 6184

2. I feel you drifting

By: thatslurredhello
Summary: You do these things, you do; you say shit that you’re only going to regret and ruin the good moments because you can’t help it, because you’re always thinking of what’s wrong and what could go wrong. You’re not Deran. You don’t know how to pretend everything’s okay and you don’t know how to just enjoy the moment without thinking about all the bad shit that’s to come (Second Person/Adrian POV)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Words: 973

3. freezing

By: OnlyOneWoman
Summary: For some reason, I needed another Belize fic with my angsty sons. This time on the beach.
Rating: Mature
Words: 1758

4. Broken Boards

By: SandM1827
Summary: “You’re gay, Deran. You told your mom and the world didn’t end.” [Missing Scene from 2×04 Broken Boards]
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 1646

5. Bloody Family Ties

By: BeStillMySlashyHeart
Summary: Adrian gets a rude awakening by the Codys and he and Deran have a much-needed chat
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 1224

6. Welcome, Ghosts

By: Lila82
Summary: Deran keeps his promise to Pope. (Or, a week in the life for Lena and her two dads)
Rating: Mature
Words: 10200

7. Late Night Musings

By: BeStillMySlashyHeart
Summary: After Baz, after the troubles that came from Smurf being locked up, the Cody family decided that they need to be together to be strong. One night, Pope comes home to a full house and sees something eye-opening about his brother.
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 816

8. Butterfly Effect

By: okaywhateverokayyes
Summary: the story as to how Adrian and Deran first meet.
Rating: Not Rated
Words: 1211

9. Nothing Ventured

By: dixie_drifter
Summary: A little post series drabble. In which, the Cody’s have (kind of) found they’re mellow, and our boys take advantage of a slow weekend to do some furniture shopping.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Words: 1471

10. The Greatest Adventure

By: BeStillMySlashyHeart
Summary: Adrian comes home.
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 668

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