Hello all! I will admit up front that due to publishing my last novel, gathering live tweets and tweets from Burcon and writing reviews I didn’t get a chance to read through these fanfics. One of them is from my friend and I will self promote a bit and post a link to my Wattpad page where I have three Arrow/SPN crossovers and five other Spn fanfics but I rounded up a few others from fanfiction.net. 

My promise for the next installment of this is to actually read through these so I can give better reviews and information about them. Off we go! 

First is the one my friend wrote. She blended the Saw movies with the show Victorious, I actually helped a bit with this one. Saw, Victorious Style Five Hollywood Arts students are trapped in an abandoned police station, forced to take part in Robbie’s unique methods of ruthless torture. Rated M for descriptive violence. Some JORI in later chapters. 

Here is a Vampire Diaries fanfic Settle Down Damon Salvatore is a fast-talking, womanizing sports agent, living big in New York City and leaving his childhood in Mystic Falls far behind him. When he returns home for his father’s funeral, he meets Elena Gilbert, a fiery brunette who gets under his skin. Between her and facing his past, returning to Mystic Falls may change his life.

This is a WW2 time period Bones fanfic which looks interesting. In Another Time It’s WW2, Temperance Brennan is a 15 year old school girl & Seeley Booth is a 19 year old soldier. She’s smart, he’s cocky. She puts a roof over his head, he keeps her safe. Both fall in love. This is the story of their own battle.

A Dr. Who fic written from the viewpoint of the TARDIS lol. This one looks like a lot of fun! Confessions of a Blue Box The TARDIS is more than a machine, it’s… it’s like a person.” Short tidbits from the TARDIS’s point of view.

Here’s the first of my Arrow /Supernatural Crossovers A Pointed Journey  Lillith has a plan to open a hell gate in Starling City. Sam gets a message on a website he created to find jobs faster saying kids are being taken and the brothers head out to help. When Oliver discovers the new threat in his city he’s not sure where to turn for help until Sam and Dean save his life. This was the first of three Arrow/SPN fanfics I wrote and what got me into writing seriously. They are all available on this site. Part 2 of this Series is Back from The Brink and Part 3 is Why Me?

I owe a rather large debt to fanfics as they got me into writing my novels and led me to this site so this series is a way for me to honor that and share some of the wondrous creativity of other writers with all of you. This series will be posted twice a month. We would love reader input on fics they love so if you have a fic you like, send it to our Facebook page or in the comments below. These were pretty much picked at random, next time I will do better.