FandomFierce Is Fierce…For A Cause!

What Is FandomFierce?

FandomFierce is not just any usual fandom organization. What FandomFierce does is raise money for various charity organizations via online and live raffles/auctions. Sound awesome, right? Well, their first raffle is Vampire Diaries fandom based, and they are offering some cool prizes.

They are offering signed cast cards, authentic wardrobe card from people such as Joseph Morgan and so much more! What is great about FandomFierce is the fact that they are supporting charities and your favorite fandom too. The tickets are £1 (which is 1 dollar and 32 cents in U.S. currency), and there are 35 numbers.

How Do I Enter FandomFierce?

They are not only just doing this for charity and fandoms; they are offering participation. If you know a charity or fandom merch that you want to suggest, they are open to it. They also welcome critique. If you have any changes or want to suggest some, bring them onboard. If you want to participate in the raffle just go to join their Facebook page — it is a closed group Facebook page, so you would have to have an account (or create one) to enter. But, all is not lost — you can follow their Twitter, they post sneak peeks to the upcoming raffle weeks!

Participation Is Simple: read through the post; rules may apply, choose numbers you would like (or random selection if you rather), WAIT until all tickets are claimed, and Pay via Paypal. (So make sure you have a PayPal account!) It is super simple and no hassle required! If you have any questions, ask Ami Brewis, and let’s get this raffle started!

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