Browser extensions and plug-ins are a great way to customize a person’s experience on the Internet. As fans, we tend to spend a lot of time online (don’t even try to deny it), so it’s really no surprise that there’s also quite a lot of fandom-related browser extensions. We have done our research and used some of our own experience as fans to create a fandom browser extensions round-up!

Fanworks made easier!

Fandom Browser Extensions
Can’t stop reading fanfics of your OTP? We’ve all been there. There are many extensions out there to improve your reading experience. For Archive of Our Own (AO3) there’s the AO3 Savior, which works in a similar way to TumblrSavior by allowing users to blacklist tags. On the other hand, this bookmarklet plug-in reorders the AO3 page in descending order by number of works in a fandom. (Check out our guide to using AO3 filters for more!). If you prefer or Fictionpress, Story Parser (Chrome) works in a similar fashion by adding more filter options. Lastly, if you’re more a Wattpad reader, you will love Better Wattpad Interface (Chrome).

Regardless of what you use to read your fanfics, here are two more useful tools:

  • FanFictionDownloader allows users to well, download fanfiction in a wide variety of output formats (including Kindle!).
  • Make “X Reader” fanfics better! InteractiveFics (Chrome) substitutes “Y/N” for the name you insert at the beginning.
  • Anyone who stays up late on the computer knows how much a bright, white screen can hurt the eyes. Luckily, pretty much all browsers have brightness/contrast extensions to fix this problem: Night Mode Pro (Chrome, Opera), Night Mode Pro (Firefox), or Turn Off the Lights (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE…).

When it comes to fan art, DeviantArt users will enjoy deviantAnywhere (Firefox and Chrome – currently open-source). On the other hand, Pixiv Kit (Chrome) allows you to download entire Pixiv albums. Needless to say, the downloaded fan art should not be reposted elsewhere, so we recommend Google Reverse Search (Firefox) and TinEye (Chrome) to find the original poster of an image.

Geekify everything!

Fandom Browser ExtensionsOne of the things us fans love to do is customize everything we own to show our love for our fandom: clothes, mugs, jewelry… so why wouldn’t we customize our browser as well? Here are some tools to do just that!:

  • Tampermonkey. The most popular and complete userscript manager. It gives users a lot of freedom in administrating their scripts, showing a clear overview of the scripts that are installed and running in every site.
  • Greasemonkey allows users to apply small bits of JavaScript to customize the way websites display or behave. You can even write your own scripts! Sadly, Greasemonkey is only available for Firefox.
  • Stylish. Stylish offers plenty of different themes and styles for different sites and social media, including Youtube and Tumblr. However, some privacy concerns have started to rise recently, so it’s up to you to decide.

Stay away from those spoilers!

Fandom Browser Extensions
If you can’t stand spoilers, then you probably already know the Internet is the last place you should go to after a new episode airs. But if you reeeally have to do something online before you watch it, then there’s some tools that can help you avoid that unwanted information.

Facebook is a very social-heavy platform, so it’s unlikely that you will get spoiled there. However, you can still use Social Fixer, an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows users to set up content filters for the news feed. It’s much easier to get spoiled on Youtube and Tumblr, though. As a piece of advice, we would not recommend checking your Youtube subscription feed when you know you could find big spoilers, as thumbnails are usually very heavy in spoilers. As per the comments, extensions like Hide Youtube Comments (Chrome) and Youtube Comment Snob (Firefox) can help you filter out unwanted content. When it comes to Tumblr, you’re probably already familiar with the previously mentioned Tumblr Savior. This extension also includes a White List in case you’re looking for the opposite and want to see everything with a specific tag. Lastly, this isn’t really an extension, but TweetDeck can help you avoid spoilers on Twitter (go to Settings -> Global Filter).

Many fandoms (especially the bigger ones) have come up with their own extensions to avoid spoilers. Some of the best, most popular ones are Game of ThronesGame of Spoils (Chrome) and Star WarsForce Block (Chrome). And if you want to be absolutely sure you don’t bump into any spoilers at a specific time range, Unspoiler (Chrome) will help you add that extra layer of security.

And now for the random, yet useful extensions! For movie fans, My IMDb (Chrome) highlights the movies you have already voted for on IMDb. Netflix bingewatchers will appreciate Flix Plus (Chrome), an expansion that enhances your Netflix experience greatly, while Netflix Super Browse (Firefox) expands on the main navigation menu. If you’re more of an anime person, you’re probably familiar with that “I KNOW THAT SEIYUU FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE” feeling. If that’s the case, you can link your MyAnimeList account with MyAnimeListVA (Chrome), an extension that highlights a seiyuu’s roles for anime that you have seen.

What fandom browser extensions and plugins do you use that you can recommend?