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Family Matters In Jughead the Hunger #12

jughead the hunger #12

Someone is back in Riverdale, and he’s not leaving without a fight. Bingo is back and all he wants is to talk to his cousin Jughead. After murders, gravediggers, and monsters, Jughead Jones is finally living a normal life. Well, as normal a life a werewolf can have. He knows that with his two best friends by his side in Jughead: The Hunger #12, there is nothing this trio can’t handle.

The idea begins to crumble, though, when a fellow canine enters the scene. Now that Bingo is here, what does he have in store for this trio? Is Bingo finally going to be a good cousin to Jughead or will he stay a wicked foe? Jughead: The Hunger #12 is exciting from beginning to end and leaves the readers hungry for more. Get your silver bullets ready and let’s dive into this newest issue.

The Plot Thickens

Jughead The Hunger #12 begins with a flashback; a flashback to (after) the moment Archie shoots Jughead. We see an operating table. There are a doctor, Bingo, and a mysterious figure over Jughead’s body. As Bingo discusses with the doctor about Jughead’s condition, the mysterious figure comes to light for a shocking reveal. Readers then find out that this is actually a dream that Jughead is having during his Wolf State. That morning Betty, Archie, and Jughead discuss the dream he had as he plays fetch with Hot Dog.

Jughead the Hunger #12
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie Comics (2019)

Jughead accidentally throws the frisbee too far, and his dog goes chasing after it into a nearby forest area. Jug then heads in behind him and can’t find Hot Dog, but senses someone. His cousin Bingo appears before him and begins to have a creepy conversation with Jug. Suddenly, Archie and Betty appear with guns pointed at Bingo. He reacts by throwing Hot Dog at the duo and scratches Jughead. Jug tries to fight the change, but it’s too late and things are going to get a bit hairy. The comic then cuts to a scene of Jughead’s sister Jellybean having an all-girl sleepover. As they are having a great time a creature is lurking in the window behind them.


The return of Jughead’s cousin, Bingo is done very well in Jughead: The Hunger #12. Bingo is reminiscent of a classic villain. He’s sly, witty, but down deep evil. He just needs a nice suit to become the stereotypical evil villain. (For some reason, I don’t know why he sounds like Marvel’s Avengers Loki in my head.) Bingo has gradually become the perfect antagonist for Jughead in this series. The reason why is because he doesn’t see his transformation as a curse, but more as a gift. He mainly wants Jug to use his powers to his fullest potential. Bingo has always been a family member who makes Jughead second guess about his life choices.

Jughead the Hunger #12
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie Comics (2019)

As Jughead chooses to renounce the curse, Bingo is always there to push Jug over the edge. The series, though, has shown there are a lot of perks to being a werewolf and Bingo could actually teach Jug a lot about his power. Readers have seen Bingo transform at will, heal, and even talk in werewolf form. This makes Bingo seem not as evil since he wants Jughead to become a great wolf. Still, readers don’t know if there is a more sinister reason to teach Jug. Bingo is such an excellent character with many layers that have yet to be discovered. As this arc is called “Bingo Is His Name, Oh No!” there is hope that this arc will dive a little deeper into its creepy cousin.

A Fellow Canine

Bingo steals every scene he’s in with his intensity and horror. Readers know that they have to prepare themselves every time Bingo is featured in a scene. His introduction to this issue is one of the best moments in the Jughead: The Hunger #12. This is showcased in the scene where Jughead is trying to protect Hot Dog and he wants Bingo to get away from him. Bingo feels hurt that anyone would think he would hurt a dog, let alone Hot Dog.

Jughead the Hunger #12
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie Comics (2019)

He mentions that they are fellow canines, then Bingo’s eyes glow and he utters,

“Why would I ever hurt a good boy like this?”

Readers are left terrified and excited to see what is going to happen next. This scene then becomes intense, creepy, and scary and it only took three panels to do it. This shows how amazing the writing and art is in this book. To be able to fluidly change the tone of a narrative that quickly is wonderful. Stand out scenes like this make the series a horror classic and a must read for all horror fans. You don’t even have to be an Archie Comics fan to enjoy the horror in this series.

Chilling Call Back

In Jughead: The Hunger #12, there is an amusing little nod to a recent Archie franchise. Toward the end of the book, readers get a look at what Jughead’s sister Jellybean is doing during all the events occurring. Readers find out that she is living the perfect pre-teen life by having a slumber party with all her friends. Her mom begins to warn them to be on their best behavior. In that panel, readers will be pleased to see what the teens are watching. They are all watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Even though it’s quick, it is such a delightful nod to a magnificent show.

A Friend To The End

It is delightful that in every incarnation of Archie Comics, friendship is always a key feature. That through thick and thin best friends will always be there for each other. In Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie is the perfect example of what a best friend is. Through all the fighting, bickering, and even shooting him, he sticks with Jughead. Still, Jughead is his best friend and he won’t leave or give up on him.

In this issue, you see the trio talking normally about Jughead’s dream. Archie even becomes concerned, hoping that nothing more happens to his best friend. When Jug is in trouble, Archie is there to protect him. Friendship is not the focus of the story, however, but it is rather nice to see Archie still sticking around to be a good friend to Jughead even after all the events as of late.

Say It Ain’t So Jughead the Hunger #12

This series has been incredible from beginning to end, so it was a poignant moment to look at one of the last pages in the book. As the book shows a teaser image of the cover for the next issue, the text underneath it states it will be the series finale. It is deeply heart-breaking, but also confusing. First, there are so many unanswered questions and unresolved problems. These include Werewolf Veronica, Frankenmoose, and including Jellybean’s secret. Then there is the whole Milton Situation, which is still open-ended.

Jughead the Hunger #12
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie Comics (2019)

There is also the reveal of the surprise character at the beginning of this issue and how they play a part in everything. Plus Bingo, there is a lot of character development he could get. Now that we know the series will end this arc will only be two issues and there should be more. There are so many arcs that need to be finished that cannot be resolved in one more issue. There is a new series coming soon which is a slight continuation of the series called Jughead the Hunger VS. Vampironica, but it might be set in a different universe altogether. Hopefully, there will be a sequel series to continue with the Jughead Werewolf storyline or at least to finish it.

One Last Bite

As always, this issue is another hit and enjoyable from beginning to end with excitement throughout. You do not want to miss this issue, the surprise reveal at the beginning is only one of the many delightful surprises in this book. This series constantly has excellent writing and art, which are expressed brilliantly in this issue. It sets up a new arc and is action-packed; what more does a fan of this series need? Jughead’s cousin Bingo has been an enjoyable character throughout the series and I’m excited to see what the next issue has in store for him.

Jughead the Hunger #12
Credit: Jughead the Hunger #12, Archie Comics (2019)

Also, what’s going to happen to Jellybean, because we last see bingo at Jellybean’s slumber party in the window ready to attack. Could we see a werewolf fight that is a family affair? It could be Jughead versus Bingo versus Jellybean. It would be a spectacle to see and it would create a grand climax for the series. I am deeply saddened by the news that this series will end soon and wish it could go on longer. I mainly need an ending for the characters in the series. Jughead the Hunger #12 is setting up what looks to be a crazy ending for the series. With two werewolves on the run, and both on the hunt for blood, the next issue is not one to miss. We will have one final trip to Riverdale coming soon. Hopefully, the end will satisfy our hunger.

jughead the hunger #12
Werewolf Howls
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