Fairy Tail: A fantastic world full of magical battles, adventures, friendship and beautiful scenarios. Fairy Tail is one of the most successful shonen anime, here’s why.

In A Nutshell

Fairy Tail is set in a world where magic exists. Wizards can be placed into different guilds, Fairy Tail being one of the most famous. The story follows the journey of Lucy, a young wizard that joins Fairy Tail and meets Natsu, who is searching for his father. Along with other friends like Happy, Gray and Erza, they’ll fight for good to prevail over bad.

Meet the Characters

Natsu Dragneel - fairy tail - the daily fandom

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is your average shonen main character when it comes to his personality: energetic, fun, good and strong. However, he’s got one peculiarity: he was raised by a dragon and he was trained as a dragon slayer. He can create flames and he also feeds on fire. Natsu is very loyal to Fairy Tail and to his friends, getting really angry and protective when someone tries to attack them.



happy - fairy tail - the daily fandom


Happy is an anthropomorphic cat and Natsu’s pet and best friend. Natsu found him when he was still inside an egg. He’s good, childish and innocent. He has a lot of faith in Natsu and is always flying next to him to give him advice and make funny remarks about the situations.



Lucy Heartfilia - fairy tail - the daily fandom

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a 17 years old wizard. She’s the rookie in Fairy Tail and serves as our introduction to this world. She is a a celestial wizard which means that she uses Gatekeys to summon celestial spirits who will obey her demands and fight for her. She’s generally nice and, even though she comes out as a coward sometimes, she shows her bravery in the most difficult situations.



Gray Fullbuster - fairy tail - the daily fandom

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is 18 and, opposite to Natsu, he has the ability to control ice. He doesn’t get along with Natsu very well because they feel like they are each other’s rivals, but they both respect and appreciate each other. His running gag is taking his clothes off for no reason.



erza scarlet - fairy tail - the daily fandom

Erza Scarlet

Erza is 19 and she’s known for being the strongest female wizard and one of the strongest wizards in the guild in general. She’s tough and always obedient of the laws of Fairy Tail which makes her work as some kind of guardian of the trio. She has the Knight magic which allows her to change her armor and weapons.


A Brief History of Fairy Tail: the When, Where and How

Fairy Tail is a manga series written by Hiro Mashina that started being published in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2006. An anime series came out in 2009 and is being produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. The series has also been licensed by Funimation for release in North America.

Its success has brought lot of merchandise, such as video games, music CDs, toys and other collectibles. Despite being criticised for being somewhat predictable, the series has received generally positive reviews and it even won Animax Asia’s “Anime of the Year” award in 2010.

Why It’s Awesome


The reason behind Fairy Tail‘s success is clear: it follows the formula of a shonen series perfectly. You have morality, epic fights and the power of friendship. In fact, it follows it so well that, at times, it can come out as a bit cliché and tiring if you have consumed a lot of shonen previously. You probably won’t see anything you haven’t seen before in One Piece or Naruto. Opposite to these other long running shonen animangas, Fairy Tail is fast paced. There’s also hardly any filler (except for one particular arc).

Don’t expect it to blow your mind away cause, again, it’s nothing new. But Fairy Tail is still entertaining. charming and funny. It doesn’t have a big fandom for no reason. And we all know that magic is always a guarantee for very cool powers and battles. The OST is also really good. There are many pros to watching this anime. If you’re bored and want something cool and light to watch, Fairy Tail is the solution. 

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 7’5 / 10
Characters 7 ‘5/ 10
Fandom 8/ 10
Animation and OST 8’5/ 10
Drama/Comedy 8 / 10
Total 39,5 / 50