After a brief hiatus from the main storyline in issue #9, Dan Watters returns to continue Lucifer’s journey. Lucifer #10 is another beautiful and intriguing issue in what has been a phenomenal series thus far. The issue picks up where it last left us two issues prior, and that is Lucifer and Caliban exploring the underworld of Egyptian mythology.

Lucifer #10: Page 1, Lucifer foils Osiris and Isis's plan to trick him.
Lucifer #10 (DC Entertainment)

However, the Egyptian Gods are not what they once were. The old gods try to deceive Lucifer into killing Osiris in hopes of using Lucifer’s legend to refuel their own. Before Lucifer leaves the Egyptian Gods, due to their rudeness, he asks if they would rather him leave their home in a pile of rubble or Osiris owe him a favor in the future. Osiris did not have a hard time choosing his decision to owe Lucifer. Caliban follows along with Lucifer as they move on to their next destination.

Exploring The Hindu Afterlife

Lucifer and Caliban arrive at their new destination, Patala. It is full of luscious green grass, beautiful waterfalls and huge buildings. The reason behind Lucifer choosing to come to Patala is explained by the theory of how the more prayers/believers there are, the stronger the afterlife. Seeking hospitality for Sycorax, Lucifer comes in contact with Vishnu, the Hindu God of protection.

Lucifer #10: Page 4, Lucifer and Caliban arrive in Patala.
Lucifer #10 (DC Entertainment)

Vishnu tells Lucifer that he will take Lucifer to Yama, who decides where the dead go. One of the most fascinating aspects that are brought to this issue is the presence of different avatars. Before they travel to Yama, Vishnu turns into Rama, another avatar of Vishnu. Not only that, but we also get to see plenty of previous avatars of Lucifer. Lucifer’s quest hits yet another speedbump as Yama is not on his throne. He has gone into the “Ocean of Nothingness,” and won’t return for another few months. When Caliban throws the moonlight blade into the black sea of nothing, Lucifer does not have a choice but to jump in.

Hidden By The Eyes Of God

While Lucifer and Caliban are exploring the underworld of Hinduism, Sycorax is attending a Witches’ Sabbath, a party with all the witches’ in the world coming together on an island beyond the world’s end. The location of the party is a blindspot to the angels who look to retrieve Sycorax and the witches’ cannot be seen. The archangel is drawn to the one quiet place he cannot see. Putting a hold on the witches’ Sabbath as an intensely brutal battle takes place between the archangel and countless witches. The art team is fabulous in not only this fight scene but throughout the entirety of the issue.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #10

After a brief stint with Kelley Jones in #9, Max Fiumara and Leomacs worked together on the art to bring another stunner to the series. The addition of Dave McCaig on colors with these artists is yet again a great choice by DC. A perfect balance of beauty and horror flow through the issue excellently and is exactly what a comic book like this needs.

Lucifer #10: Page #5, Lucifer and Caliban talk to Vishnu
Lucifer #10 (DC Entertainment)

The diversity that fills this book when it comes to location and colors is made easy by this team. From the beautiful green Patala with glistening waterfalls to the dark red land of the dead. I would likewise love to give a shout out to Tiffany Turrill, who did a fabulous job on the cover. Turrill gave us a gorgeous image of Lucifer and all of his previous avatars.

What Did Lucifer #10 Bring?

Finding a comic that week in and week out is full of great dialogue and fascinating stories is hard. Finding a comic that has all that and the perfect art to go with the book is even harder. Yet this team does just that. After ten issues, this series has been nothing short of spectacular.

I cannot stress enough that if you are looking for a book outside of the superhero genre, Lucifer is without question worth taking a look into; for all the horror and mythology fans in particular. As we continue to travel through different underworlds and afterlives, it looks as though we will be able to explore even more in #11. Lucifer #10 is a gorgeous and fascinating read. This is a book I recommend adding to any pull list.

Lucifer #10
Exploring The Afterlife In Lucifer #10