‘ExHumans’ Web Series (Review): A Science Fiction Masterpiece!


When ExHumans begins, the nostalgia for science fiction and Stranger Things is prominent. The song of the web series is similar to Stranger Things; so, if you love that show, you will enjoy this web series. This web series is on Amazon Prime Video, and it is waiting for you to watch it. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime Video in the UK as well.

The series consists of seven episodes and is set into the far future. ExHumans follows Chrystal (Georgia Theodoulou) who is brought back from the dead at the Cryogenia Institute. When she meets the Institute’s surprising latest arrival, she realizes how deeply distant she is from the life she knew.

The Daily Fandom got the chance to screen ExHumans, and we will be reviewing the seven episodes of the series. From just the start of the series, we get intense science fiction vibes, and the story is intriguing. The idea of a girl, Chrystal, being brought back from the dead and not knowing where she is… it’s intriguing.

Directed by Harry Boast, produced by Caylee Coote, and written by Phillip Boast. Made by Turnshoe Productions.

ExHumans: Cinematically Appealing

The story of ExHumans is an interesting one. There are only two characters in this web series, for the most part, and over time you are captivated by the conversation. You, as a watcher, are unraveling secrets and questions as time goes on.

Why does this person keep being shot in the head? What does the scar mean? What could we make of this dialogue happening now? However, these questions are answered slowly as the series goes on. In an ambiguous way, of course. It would be science fiction if not.

What I enjoyed about this web series is the production. A, hands down, fantastic production and directing done here with ExHumans. If it wasn’t told to me that it was a web series; I would be convinced it was a television series or a mini-series on YouTube Red — something of the sort.

The Verdict of ExHumans

ExHumans does a lot of things right. From production to directing to writing, this web series is a force in the internet media world. The plot is consistent, the characters are consistent, and you are caught in the story before you realize it. With every web series comes faults, of course. While this web series is a winner – the production isn’t always spot on.

Some areas the acting or the setting is off, it temporarily takes you out of the story for a second, but not for long. Some of the acting in the series can be a bit awkward at times. Not in a bad way because it does immediately get back on track after a few minutes.

There Are Pros and Cons

The awkwardness does not last for very long at all, and that is to be expected. A web series that remains created and produced this well is bound to have a few faults. And, while it does, this does not hinder the web series at all for me. These are minuscule faults in a bigger picture of how great the web series turns out to be.

This series is easily popular in the US and UK for many reasons. It’s intriguing, it’s entertaining, and above all — it’s a well-produced web series. If you want to watch something transcendent in the science fiction genre that is a great watch, this is it. ExHumans’ faults seem minuscule to the prominent segments of the web series. This is something you want to check out.

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