Smooth Criminals #1
Smooth Criminals #1, BOOM! Studios (2018)

Exclusive Preview Of Smooth Criminals #1 by BOOM! Studios

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Coming in November under BOOM! Studios is Smooth Criminals #1. A new ongoing series by acclaimed screenwriter Kirsten Smith (10 Things I Hate About You) and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City). This is a story about a character named, Brenda. There are a few things Brenda expects while hacking: money, secrets, random pictures of cats, and maybe some meme’s here and there. However, she was not expecting to find a cryogenically frozen master thief named Mia from the 60s.

Smooth Criminals #1

Mia is the opposite of Brenda, she’s cool, confident, gorgeous, and totally unprepared for this new digital age. Nonetheless, despite their differences (many it seems), the two have to team up to find out what happened to Mia while also pulling off the biggest heist of the 90s. Smooth Criminals #1 will be a delight to read for fans of – what appears to be – sci-fi. A digital age comic series with – not only one, but two – stellar female main characters to boot? What more could we ask for? 

The Daily Fandom cannot wait to see what BOOM! does with this wonderful comic series. Come November we will be checking it out first-hand, will you? (The answer should be yes!) Watch out comic book world, Smooth Criminals #1 is comin’ for you!

Where To Get Smooth Criminals #1?

Print copies are available for sale November 21st either at your local comic book shop or the BOOM! website. Digital copies, as always, are going to be out and about on the internet: ComiXology, BOOM! app, iBooks, and Google Play. If you want to keep up with the news follow BOOM! on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and check out their website, of course!

Want more comic reviews? Check out our reviews and don’t forget to support Misfit City and other BOOM! titles. And, look out for our review of Smooth Criminals #1 coming in November!


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