Exclusive Preview: GHOSTED IN LA #1 By Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan (BOOM! Studios)

Ghosted In LA

We have been keeping our eye on Ghosted In LA #1 for a few weeks now. When BOOM! announced Grace and Keenan are the forerunners, we waited… and waited… and waited for a preview. We had to see what this comic was showcasing, just by the title — it could be about anything! Nonetheless, BOOM! delivered. In this wonderful new series by Grace and Keenan, we get a love story of the afterlife ages. (That is not about Tinder.)

A Quick Synopsis Of Ghosted In LA #1:

Embarrassingly enough, at first, we thought this was a comic about Tinder. (Ghosting is a real thing these days with online dating.) A funny play on words about the LA life of a Tinder swiper. Instead, (and we have a much better premise) Ghosted In LA #1 is about ½ of figuring out your love life, and ½ of figuring out your afterlife in Hollywood? (The best place to figure it out… well, anything!) The first issue drops on July 10th, 2019. Daphne Walters remains prepared to have a brand new and inspiring life in Los Angeles. It is going to be fun, romantic, and full of LA sunshine.

However, things take a turn for the worst; her new roommate is ignoring her, her boyfriend broke up with her, and things are looking like a downcast in the sunniest part of California. While going through the aftermath of Walters’ breakup, she finds a new living situation at Rycroft Manor: a derelict apartment complex that doesn’t appear to be as abandoned as it seems. Turns out it’s not just a regular ol’ house, oh no, it is filled with lovesick ghosts. Yes, you heard that right. (That is why we said it’s much better than the Tinder premise.) With the help of her ghostly roommates, Walters learns how to navigate the city of LA, make friends, and find romance in some unexpected places.

Check Out The Exclusive Preview:

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