Exclusive Advanced Review – The Lodge’s Are In Trouble In VAMPIRONICA #3

Vampironica #3

You know that comic we reviewed titled VAMPIRONICA under Archie Comics a few months ago? We did issue #1 and issue #2. Since – we have kept up with the releases of the comic. Coming September 5th to your nearest comic book shop is VAMPIRONICA #3.

And, guess who got an advanced review for the issue? The Daily Fandom did! In a similar fashion to the previous two reviews we have done, this will be the same. However, spoiler-free as we always try to do. This will have zero spoilers and zero tidbits into the outstanding plot. What we will talk about is – the art, the writing, and how the plot moves along the story.

Without further ado, let’s get right into VAMPIRONICA #3.


If you are caught up on your VAMPIRONICA readin’, this issue will follow right after the second left off. Since they come out semi-far apart (about every three months), you may want to catch up on the previous issues or read our reviews for a quick recap.

VAMPIRONICA #3 is by the sibling duo Greg and Meg Smallwood with Jack Morelli on letters. Story and art both are by Greg Smallwood and story is by Meg Smallwood as well. They have contributed to this issue since day one and have done an outstanding job on each issue.

VAMPIRONICA #3 Variant Cover by Audrey Mok | Archie Comics, 2018.

The Smallwood Writing

Beginning with the writing and as stated before, it continues right from where it left off. Veronica and now Dilton are on an adventure to save Riverdale. Everything always happens in Riverdale, right? Nonetheless, some great things happen in this issue in terms of writing. 

Ever since the first issue, the writing has been spectacular. In VAMPIRONICA #3, Veronica comes in contact with her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Lodge. Before she knows it, Archie and Betty are in trouble too. What is adored about this comic is the dialogue – the constant Veronica Lodge vibes are so present throughout this series.

And, it comes with simple phrases such as:

“So, you ready to do this?”
“Is a Lodge Closet Couture?”

Dilton & Veronica respectively, page 5 – VAMPIRONICA #3
[Look at those COLORS in VAMPIRONICA #3!] | Greg Smallwood – Archie Comics, 2018.

That is totally something Veronica Lodge would say. No matter the medium, the time, or the place – Veronica would say this ten times over. What is enjoyed and praised about this issue is how high quality the writing is.

The characters don’t say much in terms of Shakespearean soliloquies, but they say just enough. The fact that they don’t say much does ties into the art aspect we will touch on a bit later. 

The Smallwood Art

The Smallwood art is outrageously fantastic. (Quite a phrase, right?) But, the art in this series is just effortlessly gorgeous. It does not resemble anything on the stands right now. It also does not resemble anything Archie Comics is publishing either currently. And, trust me, we would know about it. This provides a new light to Veronica, Dilton, Archie, Betty, and even Jughead.

While we do have our Jughead: The Hunger series – this is immensely different. The colors are outstanding to look at while reading. The dark shades of purples and blacks in certain panels are just… so clever. And, in other regards, the bright orange and pink-ish sunsets are beautiful.

[My favorite set of panels from VAMPIRONICA #3] | Greg Smallwood – Archie Comics, 2018.

We have complimented the art in our other reviews and it stays true in this third issue. To have such a stimulating take with the art in a comic is refreshing. In a world where sometimes comics, art, and even writing can sometimes meddle together – this is changing the game.

Is VAMPIRONICA #3 Worth The Read?

We would be lying if we said no. The VAMPIRONICA series is always worth the read. This is a series we wait on the edge of our seats for because it’s that good. If you have yet to check out VAMPIRONICA in general – go check out the first two issues. We gave them 100% each. 

If you want quality art, quality writing, and a quality read every time an issue comes out – Archie Comics’ VAMPIRONICA is exactly what you need. Not only VAMPIRONICA, Archie Comics has come out with a ton of great comics within the past year. They have The Vixens, The Hunger, Archie (the regular comic), Archie Meets Batman 66′, and so many more quality new comics coming out.

[Dilton being Dilton…] | VAMPIRONICA #3 – Greg Smallwood, Archie Comics 2018.

Greg and Meg Smallwood, along with Jack Morelli truly take this comic to the next level. We’ve been waiting since the second issue ended and it is fantastic to read a comic and all the expectations are met. (And, even more so, too!) We couldn’t be more excited for the fourth issue; but, in the meantime, check out VAMPIRONICA #3. You won’t regret it.

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