Revealed at this year’s E3, For Honor: Marching Fire finally launches October 16th with early access to the new heroes starting October 2nd.

After Marching Fire releases, it could arguably be one of the best times to enter as a new player. In order to help players adjust, The Daily Fandom has made this brief article to explain some of the changes coming soon to For Honor.

Reworked Gear System

For more experienced players, the gear system overhaul may seem a bit strange. For new players, it may be a bit confusing. To put it simply, following the expansion, gear will no longer have immediate effects gameplay wise.

Instead, specific combinations of gear will have to be obtained to activate certain “perks” specific to the chosen character. As the hero levels up, more perks remain unlocked, allowing for more possibilities in gameplay style.

The Four New Heroes

Since the launch, Ubisoft has never added any other faction to their game. The Wu Lin faction will be the first to break that mold. Based on ancient Chinese warriors and legends, these additions to the roster will be some of the most unique heroes. Ubisoft is also expected to somehow integrate more narrative elements into all of the heroes, old and new.

Updated User-Interface

The new character selection screen may be a minor change, but it’s certainly a visually interesting one (example shown in a YouTube video posted by “I_AM_WILDCAT”).

Graphics Update

On the bigger scale, the developers have released some images of graphical updates coming to the game. Players can probably expect all the maps to be visually updated for their viewing pleasure.

The Castle Siege Mode

A long requested feature, the dubbed “Breach Mode” will be a 30-min long game mode depicting a castle siege. One attacking team of players will have a limited number of respawns, control a ram to try to destroy the castle’s doors, and attempt to kill the other team’s king.

Players on the defending team will have to try and slow/destroy the ram, force the other team to use up all of their respawns, and help their king survive until the other team is dead.

Arcade Mode

The second mode to the game – that is added – is a single or two player mode. Players will face off against AI opponents of varying levels with a twist.

The environment attaches positive or negative effects for both players and AI opponents. Rewards for finishi4ng some levels include gear and steel. However, this mode will be exclusive to players that purchase the expansion pack.

Marching Fire Expansion Pack

Currently sold for $29.99, the Marching Fire Expansion pack will include two-week early access to all four of the new characters, an exclusive outfit for each of them, and Arcade Mode. Early access to the heroes starts October 2nd with the full expansion coming October 16th.