Everything Lead To A War -- A Review Of The Story Arc Titled, 'Flash War'
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Everything has lead to this story arc. A Flash War that not only broke the Speed Force but broke a family as well. When thinking about the Flash the main idea that comes to mind is his super speed, but behind every great hero, there is a family. Whether members are helping behind a screen or fighting alongside the hero, almost all heroes need a family. Just like Bat Family is important to Batman, the Flash Family is important to the Flash.

Since the event of Rebirth, we have been taken for a wild ride with the Flash. There has been speed force storms, the Rogues, and even time-travel. Throughout this series, we’ve seen Barry Allen, Wally West, Wallace West, and Iris develop into great characters. They do have their faults and arguments, but they always come together and resolve their problems in the end. In the recent story arc of Flash War, the Flash Family dynamic has been shattered beyond recognition.

Credit: The Flash #48; DC Comics Publishers

Before You Run into Flash War

While it is a great story on its own, there are moments where if you haven’t read this run you may be a little confused about what’s going on. I feel there are key issues you need to read to get the full effect of Flash War. Going through all 50 issues, I have created a short list of must-read comics.

Credit: The Flash #45; DC Comics Publishers

Setting Up The War

After an attack from Gorilla Grodd, The Flash and his family are ready to relax, until Wally begins to have “Temporal Seizures; memory flashes that hit Wally so hard that he’s unable to do anything until they pass. As the Flash Family tries to solve this problem together, a group of people appear in front of Barry, Wally, Iris, and Wallace. They call themselves the Renegades, a future version of the Rouges. These adversaries have come from the 25th century to take Iris to face a judge for the crime of murder (*this occurred in the storyline Running Scared). After a fight with the Renegades, the Flash Family decide to all go to the future to defend Iris against the judge.

During transport to the future, Wally gets lost and meets an old enemy. This foe does not want to fight, but instead help by having Wally change history. In exchange, Wally can save his kids that are lost in the Speed Force. Suddenly, Barry arrives to advise Wally against recreating the same mistake of Flashpoint that Barry established. They will find another path to save his kids, but without the same misstep as before. Now Wally must make a decision: listen to this foe or his mentor’s counsel and risk losing his kids forever.

Credit: The Flash #50; DC Comics Publishers

A Great Writer

The Flash series that has evolved from Rebirth has been a fantastic ride and a must read. Writer Joshua Williamson has developed a fan favorite series that will be seen as an amazing run. He has created great new characters and new villains that fit in the Flash mythos very well. You can truly see how much these characters mean to him when reading this series. Williamson gives every character a time to shine so we can connect and understand who everyone is. Williamson is a wonderful storyteller and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Flash War

Credit: The Flash #47; DC Comics Publishers

Family Broken By War

The promotions for this event showed a war of Flash against Flash. The fighting is more of a mental battle than a physical one. While there are action scenes, easter eggs, and lasting effects, Flash War is not primarily a physical battle. I just think there was a lot of false advertising because the war between both characters only lasts 2 issues. Even though it was short, the event was done very well.

There have been slight disagreements with Wally and Barry building up throughout the series. This event creates a breaking point where all the built up anger is released. As this breaking point is about family, they actually break their family in the process. Each Flash has their own motives and with that logic shatters the Flash Family dynamic.

Also by not working as a team, they do a lot of damage to the universe as well. The highlights of this arc are issues 49 and 50. It is pure action, and we finally get an answer to the question that has been burning for years. Who is faster, Superman, The Flash or Wally West?

Credit: The Flash #48; DC Comics Publishers

Final Thoughts

Reading this story over I can see that this will be an instant classic. I feel this is a perfect sequel to Flashpoint. Instead of Barry changing the timeline, Wally must decide if he should do the same for his family. This arc has action, drama, and a lot of heart. Since this story ends the first half of 100 issues, it wraps up everything that has happened prior in the series very nicely.

We are at a moment of crossroads with all the characters when this ends. I cannot wait to see the aftermath and how everyone comes back together. Flash War was overall something special, it is has everything a great comic should have. Don’t run past this great story, you won’t want to miss it. If you would like to read another article about a superhero battle try this.