Every Little Thing She Does Is Magik In New Mutants #5

New Mutants (2019) #5

Perhaps space wasn’t a good idea after all for the team in New Mutants #5, as chaos consumes them. Jonathan Hickman continues his mutant renaissance, joined again by Rod Reis on art from the first two issues, and letterer VC’s Travis Lanham, as well as design artist Tom Muller, who has been an integral part of every step of the Dawn of X. New Mutants #5 continues the story following the core team from the first two issues. Roberto has convinced his teammates that it’s a good idea to go into space and retrieve his best friend, Sam so that he can live in paradise on Krakoa with the rest of them. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, my friend. Nothing has gone as planned so far and the chaos shows no sign of slowing down.

New Mutants #5 - Marvel (2020).
New Mutants #5 – Marvel (2020)

Good Times In Space

The Shi’ar is on the verge of war, and the team has little to no idea just how much gravity their mission carries. They’re tasked with transporting the former Empress, Deathbird, back to the homeworld of the Shi’ar, so that she can instruct her niece in the ways of ruling, as she has no one else. Unfortunately for them, not many are interested in seeing Deathbird return to the throne in any capacity, and those who don’t agree will do whatever they can to stop her. Roberto remains oblivious, as he saunters through New Mutants #5 with all the swagger he can muster.

A blue and pink colored page from the newest issue.
New Mutants #5 – Marvel (2020)

The team has virtually nothing going their way in New Mutants #5, yet Roberto keeps the mood high with his infectious charm. Roberto is flexing his charm just a little bit too much, to the chagrin of his teammates. He sets his sights on Deathbird, as only someone as fearlessly foolish as Roberto could do. Like a trainwreck, you can’t look away no matter how much you might want to.

It’s Magik, You Know

Roberto may be convinced that he’s the main event in New Mutants #5, but it’s Illyana, as it should be. She is a damn monster and a very good one at that. Her desire to fight, kill and screw is unparalleled and a blessing to read. Even her appearance reinforces the fact that this is someone who should never be trifled with. Reis’ Magik is even reminiscent of the great Bill Sienkiewicz, the highest form of praise.

New Mutants #5 - Marvel (2020).
New Mutants #5 – Marvel (2020)

This page is by far the best page of New Mutants #5. I accept this page as nothing less than full confirmation of Illyana being pansexual, as we have all always known. Is it a plain declaration? No, not at all, but it is as close as we’re going to get and I think that’s okay because it’s still a truly excellent moment. This is one of my favorite pages of comics I’ve had the pleasure of reading, as it perfectly encapsulates what I love about her and makes her one of my favorite comic characters.

Why Would You Regret Not Reading New Mutants #5?

More than anything, this book is so much fun. I have loved so much of what Hickman has brought to the table in the past year of X-books, but even still I consider this the peak. You can really feel just how much fun Hickman is having in the script. He has a clear voice for each character that really resonates with me. This team has always had excellent on-page chemistry, but in the hands of a writer like Hickman, it really shines.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about New Mutants #5 is Rod Reis. In my humble opinion, this is the best looking current X-book, which is no small feat. What seals the deal for me on the art is Reis is coloring himself as well, in a display of ungodly artistic skill. His expressions are animated and lifelike, while his color choices only heighten his work and really make it flourish. It can’t be overstated how blown away I am by the work here.

New Mutants #5 - Marvel (2020).
New Mutants #5 – Marvel (2020)

Muller’s contributions to the data pages are always refreshing, bringing a level of design work not seen in any other book from Marvel. Lanham pulls it all together on lettering, mastering the flow of the dialogue and executing beats excellently. Everyone comes together to form such an appealing package. It represents some of the very best comics Marvel is putting out.

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