Stareable Fest 2018
Stareable Fest 2018

Stareable Fest 2018: 16 Events To Unveil For The July 2018 Fest!

We posted about the Stareable Fest 2018 a while back if you have yet to read it — you can check it out here. However, you can also see a recap following before we get into the events for the Fest!

Stareable Fest 2018

Stareable Fest 2018 is bringing together a truly amazing fest for creatives, directors, producers, and the like. You will be able to celebrate and connect with people of all ventures for two days in July. It will be in New York City, July 20-22nd, 2018. Will you take your career to the next level?

The Stareable Fest 2018 Is Almost Here!

After months of planning this fantastic Stareable Fest 2018, we are pleased to partner with them to announce these incredible events happening throughout the two days. Nonetheless, they have a full slate of programming for this Fest with nearly 16 events are expected at this Fest.

A few events that should be spotlighted for this Fest are:

  1. Bernie Su will be a keynote speaker, an Emmy Award-Winning web series creator.
  2. A live pitch competition sponsored by HBO.
  3. An underrepresentation of women in media panel sponsored by Bustle Digital Group.
  4. A pitching workshop taught by the co-creator of IFC’s new show Frank & Lamar.
  5. And, two full days of workshops, panels, and networking events. There’s going to be 16 in total, super exciting, right? All of these events are aimed to help indie TV creators of all levels get to the next stage of their career.

If you feel like this is something you would love to be a part of and you live in or nearby NYC, tickets are available now. And, they have an Earlybird deadline to purchase as May 18th, 2018.

[divider]Stareable Fest 2018 Is Supported By The Best![/divider]

Stareable Fest is proud to be supported by PopChest, HBO, IPF, OMDC, Bustle Digital Group, and Seeka TV and is done in partnership with Comedy Central, PBS Digital, and Seed&Spark.

Looking for more Stareable Fest 2018 news? Check out!

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