Space Battles

The moment is here, Jon’s story through space concludes in Superman #10. As this may not be the end of this story arc, readers will finally have the full story of what happened to Jon. We last left Jon telling his parents about being on Earth-3. After dealing with Ultraman in a volcano for a while he finally escaped to this Earths hall of justice. As he entered, he was face to face with the Lois Lane of Earth-3. Now, what is Jon going to do?

Will he be able to fight his mom and make it back to earth or will he be stuck on this parallel earth? Superman #10 has a few ups and downs, but readers will get closure. Let’s take a look at the newest chapter of the Unity Saga.

Getting Caught Up On Superman

Superman #10 begins right after the events of the last issue. Jon is face to face with his mother from Earth-3. He is trying his best not to hit her doppelganger by dodging her attacks. Just as she is going to punch him, she is shot by a laser cannon. John looks up to find his grandfather Jor-el holding a cannon. As they both escape to Jor-el’s ship, Jor-el angrily begins to question Jon’s disappearance. Jon begins to defend himself but is surprised when  Jor-el hands him a gift. Jor-el began to tell John how long he searched for him.

 Superman #10
Credit: Superman #10, DC Comics, 2019

Suddenly, the ship begins to shake when three figures appear and starts to destroy the ship. Jor-el shocks Jon’s new super suit and sends him to earth. After Jon is done with his story, Superman asks how the figures looked. When Superman gets the description he tells Jon if he’s ready to go back to space. After Jon agrees, Clark presses the symbol on John’s suit and they are both transported into space. They then land in the middle of a shocking scene.

Wait… How Long?

The mystery behind Jon’s disappearance and his sudden growth are finally solved in this issue. This arc has shown that Jon has gone through space, time, and torture. The last issue hinted that Jon had been trapped in a volcano for a while. Jon said he didn’t know how long, but he still looked about the same age from when the issue started to when it ended. It made the impression that he was only trapped for a few days or at most a few months. It’s a horrible situation for Jon, but at least it wasn’t too long. Then readers get to this issue where on the first page Jon states that he was in the Volcano for years.

He was trapped and tortured for years! What in the world? It is horrible how could anyone be okay after this? If someone is abused physically and mentally for years, there is no way they are in a good mental state so quickly. Jon at the end of this issue is so happy acting as nothing happened to him the years he’s been gone. There should be another issue with Jon dealing with the trauma he injured. It may be that Jon got stronger from these experiences but to get to that point it takes time. If Jon can heal from that much abuse in a matter of hours, that is quite terrifying.

Chopping Up Superman #10

Jon might seem terrifying, but there may be a reason why he is acting this way. There is hope that this is a clone which would explain his odd emotional state. Another more plausible reason may be writing. As there are good moments in Superman #10, some are cut short or make no sense. The moment between Jor-el and Jon is written so well, then is cut short by the three figures destroying the ship. Jor-El hardly got to explain what had been going on. Also, why did he get Jon a new suit, and how would he know it would fit? Jon was a child when he last saw him and the suit was the size of a teen. The figures appearing felt more like a rushed plug for the new arc that is coming than a fluid event within the story.

Superman #10
Credit: Superman #10, DC Comics, 2019

Then there is one of the last scenes in the comic. How does Superman know how to work Jon’s suit? If Jon doesn’t know what the suit can do, how does Clark know how to use the transporter within it? It seemed so odd for Superman to automatically know this feature. It seemed like the writer needed to rush things and chop some dialogue. As the comic is a good part of this saga, it just feels choppy and it is very noticeable. Hopefully, the next chapter isn’t as choppy and makes a fitting end to this story arc.

Let’s Make A Deal

There is a moment where Jor-el is talking to Jon in his spaceship. He begins by telling Jon that he’s been looking for him for years. Jor-el also tells Jon that he has no idea what deals he made. This moment may surprise many readers. What deals did Jor-el make? Readers may assume one of the deals may have caused the event to be shown on the last page. With the panel shown when he told Jon this it looked like he was involved with more deals. What deal could they be, who knows?

Superman #10
Credit: Superman #10, DC Comics, 2019

Thinking about what he did is kind of exciting to think about. There are so many stories that can come out of Jor-el’s deals. This is great writing, planting a seed for future events. It wasn’t plugged in and it felt organic to the story. It gets readers excited and that’s what a good comic does. The next issue for the comic, hopefully, has more moments like these because these seeds for the future of this series are great.

A Mixed Bag In Superman #10

Lastly, Superman #10 is a mixed bag for fans of the series. There are a lot of odd moments in the issue, but sprinkled within there are well written moments. As we now know what happened to Jon, I wish there was more. Writing one issue with a certain timeline and then the next changing everything was very bothersome to read. I am not a fan of the character being aged up, but it seemed there was more story to tell. This issue seemed like Bendis needed to rush into the next story arc and this arc was too long. He chopped a lot of what was making this arc go and mashed some pieces together.

Superman #10
Credit: Superman #10, DC Comics, 2019

His writing has been great so far but this is not one of the best written. This issue is important to the arc and important to anyone who wants closure to Jon becoming a teen. It seemed like this arc was going somewhere and it was cut short, now with the ending, it seems like the story is going in a different direction. This issue could have been better, but sadly it’s not. Let’s hope the next issue has a great finale and starts the next arc in the right direction.