Errand Boys #1 Brings Family To A Space Rogue

Errand Boys #1

Your family is the one thing standing in your way from going full-on Han Solo. Errand Boys #1 by author D.J. Kirkbride and illustrator Nikos Koutsis shows off uneasy beginnings. In the beginning, the roguish 30-year-old Jace Lopaz and his gentler 13-year-old half-brother Tawnk don’t have much in common besides blood.

They come from two different class backgrounds and the trauma of losing people never leaves one easily. Tawnk’s father and mother died in an equivalent of a space car accident. A familiar plot device if you watch a lot of PG-13 stuff that can imply that all is not as it seems or they really did die in a car crash. It also doesn’t help that Jace and Tawnk’s bonding involves running errands for the criminal underworld.

Their criminal underworld has aliens who have interesting desires for the brothers to obtain. If they don’t obtain these spoils, they don’t have money to survive. Errand Boys #1’s set up may sound familiar for many long-time readers, but you can’t judge a book by its cover too early. I can see a glimmer of a couple new surprises from what seems to be a story we’ve all read before.

Kids Are A Great Way For You To Gain A Soul

It’s a dynamic seen done before with different results, but what matters is the execution. My speculation is they’ll go the route where Jace is an adult who doesn’t have his life together and Tawnk will become the change he needs to pull it together.

As a result, if I’m wrong, I’ll eat a bug or something because this is as play-by-numbers as stories get. While this may sound like a bad thing, I do think this depends on how future issues tackles these themes. They can deconstruct what I know already to be true or they can even do better than what I expect. The problem for this current issue is that I already have a preconceived notion of what may happen. 

Errand Boys #1 - Cover
Errand Boys #1 | Image Comics, 2018

Despite my ardent criticism, there’s no denying that what I’ve read so far is a lot of fun. There may not be many new tricks, but the old ones work to an extent.  In terms of writing, Errand Boys’s future hinges on how well they execute their familiar narrative. The introduction might not have pulled you in as strong as it could have, yet there are blocks to build on for this work. 

The Art Is Busier Than Traffic In Los Angeles

You’re reading a review with someone who is at heart a minimalist. I would say that the art takes time to digest because there’s a lot of stuff in each panel. The placement of the characters and items distracts me, but this artistic choice does fit the world. I could see this industrial society as the type that would need so much space that it would cover the skies. While this is a personal problem, those who enjoy details would love Errands Boys #1

Errand Boys #1 - Page
Errand Boys #1 | Image Comics, 2018

I liked the warm color palette because this choice adds a unique touch compared to the cool tones I usually see in stuff like Star Trek. For me, I wish there was more contrast in colors. There’s not a lot in terms of shadowing that makes buildings look a bit flat.

I do think the character designs are fairly unique since Errand Boys #1 isn’t afraid to go off the wall with their aliens. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this new issue that the character designs are notable. We don’t have the ‘they look like humans, but with like a couple extra limbs’ problem.

Should You Read Errand Boys #1?

Errand Boys #1 will have their fans among those who like classic tales of family and dastardly deeds. I don’t think you’ll be too surprised by the twist and turns from what I’ve seen so far in this opening issue, but I’d like to know how Tawnk’s and Jace’s relationship plays out.

Errand Boys #1 | Image Comics, 2018

The fun comes from the surprise that is a new story. While you make know a couple roguish people, the details of their tales make for the best story. My one issue is that this work as it exists now depends too much on hoping that the series gets better as you go along.

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