To some it’s the most enjoyable anime of the season, to others, it’s utter trash. The truth is that Eromanga-sensei can be both at the same time.

Love it or hate it. Eromanga-sensei has been one of the most talked about series from the Spring Anime Season. Whether you take the story seriously or you’re only in it for the memes, no one can deny Eromanga-Sensei provides some real entertainment.

This review is spoiler-free!

Just like the author’s previous (and infamous?) work, Eromanga-sensei is a story about siblings and romance. Fortunately, these are the non-blood related type of siblings. It wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that Eromanga-sensei has a plot, but it does not come without a bit of backstory and characterization. Both Masamune and Sagiri have sad backstories, as they lost their mother and father respectively. They also both learned to overcome their grief by discovering new interests: Izumi started writing online novels, while Sagiri became a NEET and followed her mother’s steps as an artist. They end up meeting each other through these hobbies on the Internet and later on become step-siblings.

The series does not try to pretend to be more serious than what it is. It’s a comedy, slice of life, and slightly ecchi show. However, Eromanga-sensei still knows how to shift the tone now and then to make the characters something more than one-dimensional cliches. It does not only do that with the Izumi siblings but also with some of the side characters. Megumi might just be one big meme, but Elf-sensei ends up having surprisingly good characterization, while Muramasa shares some nice moments with Masamune.

The hook of the series comes from the fact that Eromanga-sensei, a person who writes erotic drawings, happens to be a 13-year-old girl. In fact, most of the comedy is based on pervy innuendos and crazy misunderstandings. Most of the scenes are predictable and even eye-roll inducing, but A-1 Pictures does a great job at making them funny regardless.

In fact, the art style and animation are some of the things that make this series so visually appealing. The soft color palette, smooth animation, and wide variety of facial expressions make it hard to look away. The soundtrack is nothing special, but the Opening and Ending are catchy and do an excellent job at catching the tone of the series.

So is the hype behind Eromanga-sensei justified? Well, it depends. As a story, it’s mostly trash. Not because the story itself is bad, but because everything that happens is an excuse to pander to otakus and the growing imouto-lovers viewership. If you’re not into cute-girls-doing-cute-things or dirty jokes, then it’s not for you. But as long as you know what you’re in for, the reality is that Eromanga-sensei can be truly entertaining. It’s ridiculously silly, but it’s also endearing.