Erikka Innes’ Unicorn Dance Party 2 Review

Erikka Innes' Unicorn Dance Party 2 Review 4

Erikka Innes’s new stand-up comedy special is witty, and she has the personality to match. Erikka takes the term relatability to a fiercely different level. She tells jokes based on her life but says them in a way that is remarkably relatable to the audience. Well, to me anyway — as a watcher, she does. I have a feeling at any age she can make you chuckle because her jokes were based on real-life content.

I would say, as a watcher in your twenties, you can relate to her jokes just as much as a person in their thirties. Being able to create that in your jokes is a hard task, but Erikka Innes does it time and time again throughout this one-hour special titled, ‘Unicorn Dance Party 2.‘ It is a blast to watch and a blast to see Innes in perfect form… as a unicorn.

Who Is Erikka Innes?

I never heard of Erikka Innes before watching this stand up. I did not know about her background or where she came from in the comedy world. Often, I do watch stand-up and comedy specials, especially on Netflix; which is why I was surprised I never heard of her before. Then again, there are so many comedians hiding from me I haven’t heard of the best yet to come.

“Erikka earned a degree from Stanford University where she optimized her nerd destiny. When Erikka‘s not performing or writing comedy she’s probably dreaming about being a starship captain, looking for the perfect vintage dress, or authoring a technical manual.”

I had to do a bit of digging and searching before watching this stand up and writing this review. I wanted to know about her before I watched it. She has her own website, which is super cool. It wasn’t hard after that to find out more about the unicorn I would grow to love over this one-hour special.

First Impressions of Erikka Innes

My first impressions without knowing anything about her are positive. While, in the beginning, it took me a while to get into the vibe of who she was — I immediately got into it after just a few minutes. That is the struggle with any new comedian; you don’t know how they will be, how the delivery will go, how the audience will react.

It is all a part of the process of watching a stand-up. I was nervous about that. Everyone likes different aspects of comedians, and I was worried that mine would not mesh with Erikka’s. However, after about five minutes I was into it. After she made one nerd joke, I was entirely into it.

Erikka Innes

Since I have watched it a few times before writing my reviewing; I wanted to get the second and third watches in. The questions of, did I really like it? Was the joke only funny the first time around? Am I still interested in it without thinking of it as a review?

I wanted to be genuine and honest. I wanted to get the real honest feedback of what I thought. And… I enjoyed this stand-up; truly did. Even after watching it a few times I still laughed at the same jokes; and, yes, the dick jokes too; which shows that they were actually funny to me.

After watching this stand-up, I want to look into the other material she has done. I was positively impressed. Also, she just really funny — I recently found her Twitter and goodness gracious she is hilarious.

Erikka Innes Is The Nerd I Want To Be!

Erikka Innes is hilarious because she is basically a nerd, but a really funny nerd. Which doesn’t happen often, am I right? You can either be a nerd or a funny nerd, and she got cool, funny, and every other verb in it too. Erikka often makes jokes about her liking and knowing a lot about Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and comic books.

I even enjoyed many of the inside Game of Thrones jokes because (we have so much content on the GoT come on) it would be insane to say I don’t love GoT. Talking about comic books and comic book characters was another soft spot for me because I love comic books. I spend my life reading and watching comic book films, and reading the books.

Hitting On Important Topics In A Classy, Yet Entertaining Way

Erikka expresses that she is bisexual/queer in this stand-up and goes on to explain the bisexuality stigma that is going on in the world (which I loved). She also makes countless jokes about feminism but in a funny, realistic way. A way that provides light to these topics and not so much hinders them in a bad way.

Erikka Innes

A lot of comedians try and bring bisexuality and feminism into stand-up and unfortunately the delivery is not always great. Erikka makes it great with the subtly of the jokes, but after you laugh you realize how true it actually is. She talks about things such as bisexuality when she makes jokes about the stigma of people always saying “so you’re going to leave me for a guy?” when you are in a same-sex relationship.

…Or guys always thinking you will have a threesome after you tell them you are bisexual. They are honest, relatable, and insanely hilarious in a good way. I was not offended by them at all and some of them I could relate to in many ways. So, I would say that’s a win!

Is It Worth A Watch?

At times, the jokes in Unicorn Dance Party 2 slow down, and you find yourself listening rather than laughing. I enjoy this in any stand-up. So, that is me personally. However, if you want to be laughing 24/7, which you totally might –, then I would still watch this. I like moments of listening to a story rather than laughing at it in stand-up because I like the vulnerability. I enjoy that listening moment. It’s like an intermission.

Unicorn Dance Party 2 is an hour worth of hilarious material by Erikka Innes. She also has a floating unicorn on stage which is very cool, trust me. Without a doubt, check out Unicorn Dance Party 2, you will not regret it. Often times I caught myself laughing at myself because I related to the jokes so much.

It’s a great thing when you can laugh at yourself, while laughing with a comedian, at a joke about yourself. That’s confusing, but you get my drift. Unicorn Dance Party 2 is worth the watch; I would say it’s worth more than one watch. If you want to laugh, watch something hilarious, and then appreciate your nerdiness — watch Unicorn Dance Party 2.

Where Can I Watch Unicorn Dance Party 2?

Amazon; which is the best place, of course!

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