Epic Showdown In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11

After an epic struggle, Kamala defeated Mister Hyde. But now she must face a new threat in the form of her sentient costume: Stormranger! With her father’s life hanging in the balance, will Kamala beat Stormranger and get back to her family? From Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna comes the next thrilling chapter, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11!

Kamala Vs. Stormranger In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11

Picking up right where we left off, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 opens with Kamala witnessing the formation of Stormranger. Unable to convince the suit not to kill, Kamala grabs Hyde and runs. As she pauses to catch her breath, a couple of fans recognize Kamala’s powers and approach her. Without a mask to protect her identity, Kamala disguises her face and the fans offer her a scarf and sunglasses. With her face covered, she takes Hyde to the police.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11: Page 4, Kamala embiggens her fists as Stormranger prepares to strike.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 | © Marvel Comics (2020)

Bruno meets her at the station but Stormranger interrupts their reunion. They fight and Kamala tries to persuade the suit to give up, but Stormranger misinterprets this. Instead, the suit decides to eliminate a different threat: Discord, also known as Kamala’s former classmate, Josh. As Stormranger takes flight, Kamala grabs onto the suit and tries to bring it down. Unfortunately, Stormranger electrocutes Kamala and she falls into the water. How will she get out of this one?

A Suit On A Mission

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 puts the focus solely on Kamala as she battles against Stormranger. And what a formidable foe! Stormranger combines Kamala’s stretching powers with Kree nanotech to great effect. We haven’t seen Stormranger embiggen so the suit could be limited in what it can recreate. While Stormranger doesn’t have much of a personality, it definitely has goals. Namely, Stormranger tries to kill anyone it perceives as a threat. Kamala may have convinced it to stop going after Hyde, but the suit was just redirected to Josh. If it can’t be reasoned with, Kamala must find someone else who can control it or destroy it.

A Rocky Road Home

In many ways, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 encapsulates Kamala’s life as a teenage superhero. She spends most of the time complaining because she just wants to get back to her family. At the same time, she can’t just stand by and let Stormranger kill Mister Hyde. Kamala recognizes that she has been given incredible powers and she chooses to use them for good. It isn’t easy and certainly not convenient, but she soldiers on. As a result, her community respects and embraces her. In this way, she becomes more of a reluctant hero as she copes with her father’s illness.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11: Page 8, Kamala runs through the streets of Jersey City carrying Hyde as Stormranger shoots at them.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 | © Marvel Comics (2020)

On the other hand, Stormranger also represents Kamala’s superhero life. Even after she beats the bad guys, it still stands between her and her family. At this point, her life as a superhero has grown almost too big for her to handle. Kamala constantly puts her life on the line with no one to really back her up. While Bruno knows her secret, there’s only so much he can do. If Kamala’s going to stop Stormranger, she’s going to need help. And assuming they all make it out alive, it might be time for Kamala to come clean to her family.

Sharp Edges And Clashing Colors In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11

Once again, Stormranger brings a new look to The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11. As the comic explains, the suit uses Kamala’s genetic imprint in combination with Kree technology. Consequently, Stormranger looks like Ms Marvel but with sharper features, making the suit more menacing. Stormranger’s scarf also comes out of its back, similar to the Iron Spider suit. Stormranger even uses the scarf-like legs, lifting itself off the ground. The suit also recreates some of Kamala’s moves, turning its hands into various weapons.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11: Page 14, Kamala kicks Stormranger in the face and Stormranger headbutts her.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 | © Marvel Comics (2020)

Kamala and Stormranger’s fight is definitely something to behold. Since they both can stretch, limbs dominate the scene. I especially love seeing Kamala’s warm color scheme clash with Stormranger’s cool tones. Sadly, Stormranger wins this round when it electrocutes Kamala and she falls into the blue water. But I’m confident that Kamala will bring her warm color palette with her when she returns the next issue.

What’s Next?

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 ends with Kamala’s fall, but I refuse to despair just yet. I expect someone will come pull her out of the water and then they’ll go after Stormranger. But who will it be? How can they stop an evil suit on a murderous mission? And will Doctor Strange’s operation be a success or will Kamala be left without a father? We’ll find out next month in The Magnificent Ms Marvel #12!

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