In an issue that strays away from major characters other than Caliban, Lucifer #9 is an issue that bleeds horror. Writer Dan Watters has created what may be the best issue of the series thus far. With Kelley Jones on art, who is best known for his work on Batman, it is an incredible choice for this creepy twisted comic. Rather than following Lucifer, this issue follows a man known as Lord Fowler. Known for hunting rare creatures, Fowler was able to catch a demon and hold it captive. Caliban believes he can learn from the demon Fowler is holding captive to retrieve information beneficial to both he and Fowler.

Lucifer #9
Lucifer #9 (DC Entertainment)

Fair warning: if you are not a fan of horror, this book may be a bit too much for you to stomach. With horrifying and detailed illustrations by Jones of a grotesque feast of demons’ inners, this book may even make horror fanatics stomachs turn. Dan Watters brings us another exceptional issue in this series. DC‘s addition to the Sandman Universe last year has been a great success and Lucifer is no exception.

Hunter Of The Demons

As Lucifer #9 opens, we find Lord Fowler explaining how he came across the demon he has caught. With a history of hunting large beasts more familiar to us on Earth, wildebeest’s, large apes, etc. Lord Fowler desired to set his eyes on a much stranger beast. Fowler, with the desire to learn from the demon about itself and life in hell. Unfortunately for Lord Fowler, the only form of speech this demon is capable of saying is the name Lucifer over and over again.

Lucifer #9
Lucifer #9 (DC Entertainment)

With the arrival of Caliban, a disturbing fact is brought forth about Lord Fowler. While Fowler claims his wife has been missing for 2 years, Caliban is aware that Fowler hunted his wife. Caliban claims he can retrieve the information Lord Fowler seeks from the demon. Promising that if he fails, Lord Fowler can add Caliban to his list of targets to hunt.

What’s For Dinner?

When Lord Fowler returns to see if Caliban has succeeded, what he finds is shocking. Caliban has laid out above a long table that is a feast for Lord Fowler. Each course uses a different body part of the demon as the main ingredient. During each course, Dan Watters and Kelley Jones brilliantly illustrate the life of the demon. This scene is as disturbing as any we have seen yet in this series.

I recommend reading this book on an empty stomach. Lord Fowler struggles to get through the feast both physically and mentally. When the meal reaches its finale Caliban discovers that no matter what he does he cannot enter hell. It has been revealed that Caliban has committed suicide multiple times. However, Satan has blocked Caliban from entering Hell, causing Caliban to return back to life. Caliban realizes his only way to get to Lucifer is for Lucifer to come back to Earth.

Art Team For Lucifer #9

Lucifer #9 is full of disturbing, creepy, and gross images and it could not have been better. The issue was perfect timing for Kelley Jones to make a guest appearance. Complimented by the work of Chris O’Halloran on colors and Steve Wands on letters, this book is a beauty. Working with the writing of Dan Watters, this team excels at creating an intense, thrilling book. Despite not following any of the other characters or stories other than Calabin, this may be the best issue yet in this series.

Lucifer #9
Lucifer #9 (DC Entertainment)

Final Thoughts On Lucifer #9

Lucifer #9 was a fascinating issue from Dan Watters and the team. If you are a fan of horror, or simply need to read something that isn’t heroes running around in capes, I highly recommend this book for you. It will be exciting to see what happens in Lucifer #10 and if Caliban will face Lucifer after all. Again, the move by DC and Vertigo to bring in a line of Sandman Universe comics was a stroke of genius. Some of the best books DC is putting out right now are in that line of books.

The stories and writing in the books just feel more intricate, and more complex in a great way. I look forward to exploring this universe more and recommend that you give them a read.

Enjoy A Forbidden Feast In Lucifer #9
A Demon's Feast