Ends Meet In The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2

You’re in a basement after being separated from your lover due to a ghost stealing you away. It’s dark and you’re scared. What do you do? Obviously, the only logical thing to do; start pronouncing vegetables with funny Italian accents! Wait, why? Find out in The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2.

Vampires Don’t Exist… Right?

In Ben Acker and Ben Blacker’s newest issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2, we join Sadie Doyle and Donna Henderson who begin to search for their respective lovers in the rental house Adam Silver is currently living in.

Illustrated by M.J. Erickson and colored by Brittany Peer, the ghost they were hired to get rid of wants some attention. Plates fly from their cupboards towards the ladies, shattering on the wall behind them. After proving they are the stronger will in the household, the ghost leaves them and they continue to the basement.

As they all reconvene in the living room, Mrs. Doyle begins to draw a sigil on the floor that traps the ghost and keeps her from causing any more destruction throughout the house. Once caught, Dave thinks there something more to this exorcism than what meets the eye.

He begins searching around the room for something that might point toward the ghost’s innocence. And sure enough, he finds it. A large bloodstain is hidden under the rug. He figures out that the ghost wanted him to be in the basement to find something because he was a cop. Soon enough, he finds the body belonging to the ghost hidden in the basement.

A Murder Most Foul

From the damage done on her neck, he and Donna theorize that the culprit for the crime could be a vampire but once again, this idea was shot down by Sadie. She continues to inform them that vampires don’t exist and perhaps it could be a leprechaun instead. When someone else enters the house though, they realize they have their work cut out for them. Who enters the house? Who caused the murder? What is the ghost trying to warn them?

Where Ends Meet

The newest issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2 answered a lot of questions lingering in the back of our heads after the first issue.

First, we follow up on the men we saw at the beginning of the last issue in Zurich, Switzerland. They state they wish to skin something instead of eating for “It will satisfy in the same way.” Whatever was inside the crate they were made to deliver could be corrupting them somehow but until the next issue, we may never know.

Next, we see the reappearance of our reporter who continues to remain nameless. He approaches Adam on the street as he narrates. He makes light conversation as they both watch Adam’s house before we are pulled away to the events inside. When we come back after the ghost has been trapped, the reporter mentions how something feels strange on this block.

Moments after, the interior of the house starts to glow from Sadie’s sigil before Adam seems…impressed? His expression threw me though a loop during my first read. Why did he seem impressed and not simply delighted? My answer was soon to come later in the comic. Once more we join the reporter and Adam outside where something strange happened.

The reporter wanted to meet those inside the house and interview them for the story he’s trying to write. Adam stops him simply by saying “stay right here,” causing the reporter to be frozen in place, unable to move. This was the moment where I, and possibly the reader, realized Adam is not what he makes himself up to be.

Behind Closed Doors

Inside the house, the reader is lead on to believe that the ghost merely separated the men from the ladies to scare them away. The Doyle duo still make an example of their experience by their lack of reactions to the scares though. The twist at the end is really what made me impressed.

Without spoiling anything to those who have yet to read it, the pieces seem to almost fall in line with everything else. Ends finally meet and we have our answers to some of the questions asked in the previous issue.

Same Story, Same Faces

As I said in my previous review, which you can read here, I noticed an artistic flaw in the comic called Same Face Syndrome. This “syndrome” is evident when an artist will draw different characters, but their faces remain the same, causing them to be hard to differentiate.

While I see some improvement from the previous issue, I still notice it throughout the comic. The ghost they captured looked very similar to Donna, for example, and could be easily mistaken for a sister or even her. If she had not been present in the room, I might have mistaken the ghost for Donna.

The color and line work continues to impress me regardless. The script for this story could use another read through. As I read, I felt the reader pulled out of the story at points to reread a speech bubble or two. On page 16, when it came to the third panel, for example, Adam says the line:

“Do you still feel like there feels like there’s something strange?”

While this phrase might be understood by some, changing the wording would be beneficial. If the editor looks over the script before it is sent to the illustrator, I would suggest fresh eyes review it just in case.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2: A Fresh Catch or a Hard Pass?

I was very impressed by this month’s release of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #2! I would highly suggest this comic to anyone looking for something new or someone who enjoys the supernatural. Before picking up this issue, I would recommend reading the first issue to better understand the story. This issue blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more!

Get your copy now online or wherever comic books are sold! If you want to read my review on the first issue of this series, click here. To check out other reviews about the comics you love, check out our comic section. Finally, I will leave you with a question to think on:

Would you fight a vampire?

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