Remember sex-ed classes in the 90s/00s? I try to forget about them, but in high school, I had to take a course. It was interesting, which is the best way to put it.

However, EDUCATED FLEAS web series is bringing it back…in a better way. Not a sex-ed class literally, but questions about sex and talking about sex; and, being aware of safe sex. Let’s get educated!

EDUCATED FLEAS is a sex-positive comedic web series, and we are so excited to talk about EDUCATED FLEAS with our TDF family. EDUCATED FLEAS is now on Vimeo, and with the said, the first four episodes are ready for the viewin’. There are going to be six overall episodes for the series.

This series follows Ruth, a character who is in her early thirties. Ruth starts giving professional advice about the “birds and the bees” to children of wealthy NY parents. This happens accidentally, and you will have to watch the series to find out how it pans out.

EDUCATED FLEAS: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Each episode involves a “sex talk” with a child and then a re-examination of the topic through the lens of an adult sexual relationship. Usually, happens in the life of Ruth or her friends/the people around her.

The writers of this series Mae and Emily created the perfect show for adults. Learning about sex education, while figuring out yourself what you enjoy and what you don’t.

The creators of this show talked about their own experiences while writing this show. What horrific experiences they had when they were younger, or even in their adulthood and how they were going to channel that into this series. They did an excellent job, and we are very excited to see the last two episodes.

“Making Educated Fleas helped me take ownership of my own sexuality. Drawing on my own sexual mishaps and complexes to create relatable stories was cathartic and gave me confidence,” says Emily.

The remaining episodes are going to be posted on Hump Day, of course, at 3PM. If you are excited as I am and want to know more about the show you can follow them on social media: @EducatedFleas or even check out their website! Let’s get educated with EDUCATED FLEAS.