Earth Is For Sale In The Green Lantern #3

The team of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp continue their journey through the cosmos together with the third issue of their Green Lantern run. The duo have put their skills together to give us a book full of humor, action, and discovery. Through the first few issues, we have seen a diverse group of not only members of the Green Lantern Corps but all the aliens we meet. The first two issues of this series set the tone of how this run was going to be different than the ones that came before it. A closer look at the day-to-day life of a space cop, rather than the long 6-10 issue story arcs. This trend continues in The Green Lantern #3.

The Green Lantern #3 (DC Entertainment)

The Green Lantern #2 ended with Hal arriving at his home planet, when, to his surprise, it was missing. We find out in The Green Lantern #3 that Earth has not disappeared, but it has been shrunk. Now, Earth has been put up for auction, with the winner able to do whatever they please to the planet, and the people who live upon it.

Let The Bidding Begin

Grant Morrison has a heavy task in writing Green Lantern. Promising a new take on a character that would stray from the tones set in Geoff John’s and Robert Vendetti’s runs. The Green Lantern #3 is definitely Morrison’s most enjoyable issue yet. The plot of our home planet Earth being up for auction, with bidders such as Steppenwolf of Apokolips, sets up a very fun comic. Through the first 2 issues, we find that there is a traitor amongst the Green Lantern Corps. As the corps wait to foil the bidding war for Earth, their cover is blown. The planet’s security forces were prepared to battle with the corps, furthering the question, who is the traitor?

The Green Lantern #3 (DC Entertainment)

Taking place on a planet called Dhor, it turns out to be hundreds of stolen planets just like Earth. After a long bidding war, the final bid comes in at the last moment. A bid that is far more than any other. Someone referred to as, “The Shepard,” won the bidding for Earth. Hal Jordan abandons the battle with the other Lanterns and attempts to rescue his home planet.

A God Among Us?

As Hal attempts to stop The Shepard from taking Earth, he discovers that many humans believe that this is a good thing. When the planet was shrunk to a size smaller than bacteria, Earth was given an artificial sun. The effects of the sun give the people of Earth superpowers. Hal, of course, is skeptical of this and searches for the truth behind The Shepard. Morrison adds some humor to this scene when Hal finds what The Shepard actually is. The Shepard turns out to be a grotesque alien monster that eats planets. The people of Earth, however, claim that they have moved beyond judging people by their looks and remain content with the whole situation.

The Green Lantern #3 (DC Entertainment)

While Hal is dealing with Earth, the other Lanterns are tasked with saving other stolen planets and putting a stop to slaves who are being forced to run a ship. That is when the story takes a dark turn. The slaves all seem to look a thousand years old, but due to the toxins in the ships’ fuel eating away at the slaves, it turns out they are all kids. Hal Jordan, who was already pissed, rages and kills the alien who claim that Hal must respect their way of life. The Green Lantern #3 ends with Hal saying that everyone saw it was self-defense and tells them to clean up.

The Art In The Green Lantern #3

Liam Sharp was perpetually the ideal choice to team up with Morrison. His quirky imagination could not be more ideal for a book revolving around alien life. Giving us amazing detail and emotion in his drawings. Paired with Steve Oliff on colors, together they make this book a pleasure to look at. Steve’s contrast of bright and dark colors is done beautifully.

The Green Lantern #3 (DC Entertainment)

With each alien species having their own distinct look, it just shows how vast Sharp’s imagination is. Whether the aliens are grotesque or beautiful, Sharp excels at any type.

Final Thoughts On The Green Lantern #3

The Green Lantern #3 is by far the best issue of the series thus far. I would like to see some more action take place in this book, but the plot has been enjoyable to follow. It will be fun to see how Hal responds after his actions at the end of this issue. In turn, will Hal be able to retrieve his home planet back from the celestial planet-eater? This has been a fun start to the series for Grant and Liam. This series hasn’t been perfect by any means, but it is a fun read. This book is highly recommended if you are interested in Green Lantern, or if you’re already a fan. The Green Lantern #3 was a solid issue, and I’m excited to see where this story goes.

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