Earp-a-palooza: Wynonna Earp Convention 2018!

Earp-a-palooza: Wynonna Earp Convention 2018! 4

We are having a blast learning about Earp-a-palooza coming in October of 2018. This is a Wynonna Earp dedicated con that is happening in Minneapolis. Are you excited because The Daily Fandom is! Until October 12th, 2018The Daily Fandom is going to be posting all about Earp-a-palooza and what you can look forward to at the con. It is going to an exciting moment for Earpers united.

Let’s All Welcome 2018s Earp-a-palooza!

Here at The Daily Fandom, we have had a few posts about Wynonna Earp so you can consider us fans and in the Earper fandom too! That is what makes this so exciting for us, even as a fandom website. To have the ability to create a con dedicated to the amazingness that is Wynonna Earp is fantastic. I am incredibly humbled that this exists and we can talk about the first ever United States Wynonna Earp con Earp-a-palooza.


So far, Earp-a-palooza has a ton of great things in store for us Earpers. They have special guests — Tim Rozon, Michael Eklund, Katherine Barrell, and Emily Andras so far. And, that is super exciting even to have those four coming to the con. We cannot wait for 2018. To get you even more excited about Earp-a-palooza we had an interview with Allison Shank, the co-director of Earp-a-palooza.

What was/is the process of creating/hosting a con?

The process of creating a convention is honestly a lot of silently crossing your fingers because you never know if it’s going to work until it actually does. For us, we luckily stumbled into this amazing fandom who dedicates themselves to all things related to the show. So, it made the process a little easier.

We started with just talking about the possibility and the idea of a U.S. Wynonna Earp convention, and before you know it, things were falling into place. The logistics behind it is a lot of phone calls and a lot of emails, but we’ve got a great team behind Earp-a-palooza who have been working tirelessly day after day to make sure every single minute of this convention is accounted for.

You have to get creative, and you have to know your audience. Honestly can’t stress that enough. The reason this works is because we understand the Earper fandom because we’re a part of it too.

What made you want to create a con based on Wynonna Earp?

Once I stumbled into the Earper, I was blown away. This fandom — as we like to say because the fandom is more like family — is so generous, kind, accepting and supportive. I could go on and on. My team and I wanted to create Earp-a-palooza because we recognized the passion behind the show and we saw the sheer dedication that all the fans have.

I’ve been to cons where the cast members were in attendance, so I saw that. But to have an entire convention dedicated solely to the show and its fans felt like a gift. The motive behind Earp-a-palooza was just that we wanted to give the fans a place where they could come and be who they are, with people who are just like them. Our tagline we’ve been using is

“Come and celebrate what it means to be an Earper.”

What do you love about fandoms and websites that dedicated themselves to shows like Wynonna Earp? Have they influenced the idea of Earp-a-palooza?

What I love about fandoms is that it allows people to experience life with people who they might not have ever known before. Fandom gives you a safe place; it gives you friends, it gives you people who understand you.

In some cases, fandom can literally shape who you are as a person. I’ve been involved in a handful of fandoms throughout my years, but have never found one quite as passionate as the Earpers. I think it’s amazing to see fandoms and websites that dedicate themselves to specific shows because it allows you to share content with people who are like-minded. And most definitely yes… fandom was the big factor in influencing Earp-a-palooza.


These fans really drove us to want to create this convention, because as fans ourselves, we know the level of passion and dedication these fans show. We also have to thank IDW and SYFY because without them we wouldn’t have this show. Everything that’s developed with Earp-a-palooza is directly related back to them.

They took a chance on this show season after season. And, they continue to give the Earpers more; Earp-a-palooza is just an extension of that. We wanted to give the fans more.

What are your hopes for Earp-a-palooza?

My hopes for the convention are just that people walk away feeling like they have people in their corner.

Of course, we love to talk about how everyone will get to meet their favorite cast members (etc.) But, truly, I want the fans to leave the convention with the understanding that this is family. And, no matter what, there will always be people there to support you. My other hope is that there will be people experiencing the show and fandom for the first time. They’ll be able to walk away with this new-found obsession for Wynonna Earp.

Describe what Earp-a-palooza will be in three words?

Life-changing. Unique. Fun.

Are there any special, exciting surprises in the works for Earp-a-palooza?

We have some things planned, yes. I’d love to spoil them all for you right now, but then it wouldn’t be quite as fun. One thing I will say is that we know how important it is for the fans to get to meet the cast members.

And unfortunately, but also amazingly, our VIP tickets sold out in under an hour. We’ve got an opportunity planned that will give a handful of fans the exclusive chance to meet, sit down, and chat with the cast members. We’re excited to elaborate on that in the near future.

You can buy tickets here if you want to go and even find hotels/plane tickets for the event if you don’t live nearby. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this con, it’s going to be entirely too much fun!

Earp-a-palooza has a Twitter and a hashtag on Twitter if you want to keep up with any details about the con. We will also be posting about any new information, announcements, and possibly some other cool stuff too! 🙂


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