‘Dragon Ball Super’ Opening Theme Song Details


We finally know the title of the official opening song for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super. The song is called “Chozetsu Dynamic” and it will be performed by Kazuha Yoshii.

The singer and songwriter discussed the song at the Triad Vs Columbia event in Japan earlier today.

“I wanted to create a melody that children hummed [on their]way to school and you feel that the power sprout inside, I also wanted to express my idea of Goku: good, powerful and sexy” (Mision Tokyo)

Yoshii also said that he wrote “Chozetsu Dynamic” while imagining images from the world of Dragon Ball.

“The beginning of the song focuses on the image of all flying like a family. Yukinojo Mori is someone I admire and respect as a writer, so I compose this song with him was really super! I felt it again louder while composing.”

Fuji TV producer Osamu Nozaki has also said that while deciding what the new theme song should sound like, they thought that the opening should feel like “a breath of fresh air to the world of Dragon Ball“.

Dragon Ball Super will air on Saturdays at 9 a.m. and will aim to market the new series to children.



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