Doomsday Clock #7 By: Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh, Amie Brockway-Metcalf, Amedeo Turturro, and Brian Cunningham
The Story90%
The Art100%

Doomsday Clock has now surpassed the halfway point. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue their 12-issue series which clashes the DC universe with that of Alan Moore’s Watchmen in Doomsday Clock #7.

Throughout the first 6 issues, there have been rumbling’s of fans upset with the delays the book has had, lack of payoff in the issues, and the overall slow pace to the story. This series has given the readers a lot of questions and ideas to think about. Doomsday Clock #7 answers a multitude of those questions we already had while creating new ones in that same regard.


The story opens with a narration from Dr. Manhattan describing a few different realities around Alan Scott. For those unaware, Alan Scott was the Golden-age Green Lantern. One of the realities is the story of Scott and how he became Green Lantern. Another is a reality where Scott died before ever becoming the hero.

Dr. Manhattan has the ability to see every reality, whether that’s in the past, the present, or the future. He has a vision of one reality where he can no longer see the future. That reality is the current reality of where our story takes place. This presents the question of what could happen to cause Dr. Manhattan to be unable to see that particular future.

The Cat Is A Compass

Adrian Veidt and Rorschach pick up where we last saw them in issue 5. They have found Johny Thunder who is in the possession of the Green Lantern Dr. Manhatten was speaking of at the start of the issue.

Veidt has created a clone of his cat Bubastis from The Watchmen. This clone has the ability to help track Dr. Manhattan. In their journey, the group shows up at the location where The Joker, Mime, and Marionette are holding Batman and The Comedian captive.

God Is Here

Adrian Veidt uses the Green Lantern and Bubastis to summon Dr. Manhattan. With the other characters watching everything unfold, Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson team up to present a stunning few pages. The Bright color of the Green Lantern and the Blue from the flash of Manhattan’s arrival are strictly magnificent.

After half the series and no Dr. Manhattan, we finally get to see the Rorschach Blue figure in Doomsday Clock #7. Upon his arrival, Geoff Johns gives us a tense conversation between Manhattan, Veidt, and Rorschach.

Secrets are unveiled, as are lies that have been spilled throughout the series. Dr. Manhattan makes his presence known with his first appearance. The conversation between these three reveals many clues as to where this story is heading and changes that are sure to come.

Where Is Superman?

We finally got our first appearance of Dr. Manhattan. It only took over half the series. We still have not seen Superman though. Superman, who is supposed to be a key character to the story has popped up on a few news stations in the background of the panels but has not had an encounter with any character in the story so far.

With five issues remaining it will be interesting to see how much longer Johns goes until we get the moment everyone is waiting for. Superman face-to-face with Dr. Manhattan.

The Art

Gary Frank and Brad Anderson are easily the one of if not the most talented art team in the industry right now. Frank’s art is sublime when it comes to detail and emotion. Gary Frank does have a bit of Dave Gibbons in his style making him a perfect pick to draw this series.

The coloring from Brad Anderson pairs perfectly with Frank’s art style. The contrast between the dark colors and shades mixed with the bright flashes from the Green Lantern and Manhattan makes for a stunning comic.

Final Thoughts On Doomsday Clock #7

Doomsday Clock #7 was the payoff issue a lot of people were waiting for. Along with the arrival of Dr. Manhattan, came a boatload of details and plot twists for many characters. This issue without a doubt changes the direction of the story. So far this series has felt like a book that would be the best read when it comes out as a trade paperback.

With the amount of time between issues, it is almost impossible to read a new issue without going back and re-reading the previous ones. With that said, I have found Doomsday Clock to be a fabulous piece of work. It is nothing like any other comic on the shelves right now.

Don’t forget to read the back matter, it is Rorschach. Doomsday Clock #7 is easily the most revealing issue yet in the series and has the readers on the edge of their seats ready for issue 8.