Doomsday Clock #10

Dr. Manhattan Alters History In Doomsday Clock #10

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After a few delays, and delays for those delays, Doomsday Clock #10 has reached the shelves in comic shops. With the 10th issue of DC’s big event, Geoff Johns and the crew create a story that will shift the history of the DCU. Now, before you read this issue I would recommend going back and rereading the past few issues to get caught up. (You can check out our reviews on The Daily Fandom as well.) It has been a while since and nobody will blame you for forgetting.

Doomsday Clock #10
Doomsday Clock #10 (DC Entertainment)

Throughout the series, readers have been trying to figure out what Dr. Mahattan has been up to in the DCU. Issue #10 provides us with some more answers for that mystery. Geoff Johns sends us through time. We take a look at some of the most iconic moments in DC, with a heavy focus on Superman. The art team of Gary Frank and Brad Anderson work excellently together. They bring different styles from multiple timelines, making this book a beauty to look at.

Who Is Carver Colman?

Doomsday Clock #10 bounces back and forth between Dr. Manhattan’s travels to the DC universe and the life of film noir star Carver Coleman. The reason the issue follows Colman is due to the fact that Colman was the first person Dr. Manhattan met in the DCU. Jon would meet with Colman and inform him of everything that would happen to him in the coming year. Now, the story following Colman is entertaining, and the black and white art in the film noir scenes is beautiful. Still, I felt that these scenes were not all that important.

Doomsday Clock #10
Doomsday Clock #10 (DC Entertainment)

Yes, Colman was the first person Jon interacted with but, other than that, his story doesn’t offer much else to the overall story in the series. I would have liked to have seen them work on some of the other storylines in the series, as there are quite a few. With only 2 issues remaining in the series, it is concerning how they are going to fit each storyline in without it feeling forced. Never mind the inevitable Superman and Dr. Manhattan encounter. Batman, Rorshach, and The Mime and Marionette all have storylines that need endings, plus more.

The “Metaverse” In Doomsday Clock #10

When Geoff Johns and Gary Frank weren’t telling the story of Carver Colman, they focused on Dr. Manhattan’s journey through the DCU. It has been clear multiple times that Jon does not completely understand this universe, but if there’s one thing he knows for sure, it’s that Superman is the key. Jon enters the DC universe on April 18th, 1938. That was the exact same day Superman arrived. That’s when Jon’s journey began and we saw him go through time, even aware of all the times the DCU had been rebooted.

Doomsday Clock #10
Doomsday Clock #10 (DC Entertainment)

A key moment for Doomsday Clock #10 is when Johns introduces us to the “metaverse.” The idea that the DCU is the center of the multiverse. However, Dr. Manhattan is not completely satisfied with this new home and begins to change important moments in history. Including a few, that could be the reason why the last thing Jon can see in the future is an angry Superman heading in his direction. The only time period Jon finds relatable is the darker “New 52.” The whole issue is full of answers and yet it is still unclear if or how all of this will impact the DCU when it is all over. Again, with only 2 issues left to go, I’m concerned about how Geoff Johns is going to finish this series.

The Art

The Doomsday Clock series has been a slow burn. With the story and the long delays in between issues, many fans have lost their interest and have decided to wait for the book to come out in trade paperback. However, the number one reason to purchase this book is the incredible art team. Gary Frank, like always, impresses with multiple art styles to give the effect of different time periods. Brad Anderson on colors gives a beautiful look at the book as well. With a lot of dark inky colors and perfect shadowing on each panel to catch your eye.

Doomsday Clock #10
Doomsday Clock #10 (DC Entertainment)

With the art team following the 9-panel grid technique from The Watchmen, the work done by the art team is all the bit more impressive. Gary Frank’s art is sublime and he is without question one of the best in the game and helps ease the pain from the long delays between issues.

Doomsday Clock #10‘s Final Thoughts

Doomsday Clock #10 gave everyone what we wanted. Answers. With that being said, there are still plenty of answers that we are waiting to see come to fruition in the final 2 issues. Patience is something readers must have to enjoy this series. Not only for the long intermissions between each book but the story itself. It is clear that the creative team is putting a lot of work and effort into the book, but I’m still trying to figure out where they are going. And with 2 issues remaining, I don’t think that is their intention.

Easy to assume we will be waiting some time for Doomsday Clock #11 to be released. Many questions remain and it will be interesting to see what storyline Johns and the team begin the issue with. Doomsday Clock #10 was another solid issue for the series and does the job of making the reader want more.

Doomsday Clock #10

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