The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Being Friends With A Supernatural Fan

Have friends who are slightly insane and obsessed with this weird show where two brothers kill monsters called Supernatural? Here’s a little list of 10 Do’s and Don’t’s of being friends with a Supernatural fan!

Do Talk To Them Endlessly About The Characters And Plot

Always with a fan, of any fandom, you should speak to them about the show they love. It calms them down so that they don’t have to deal with all “the feels” alone. It’s good for both of you to talk about something at least one of you is passionate about.

Do Comfort Them Through Their Pain

If your friend is a Supernatural fan (Hunter), they will undoubtedly go through emotional/mental pain. Comfort them. Give them pies, blankets, pillows, etc. They will be very grateful to you.

Do Read Their Fanfiction(s)

If they’ve written fanfic’s, then you should read them! It shows support for your friend and gives you something to occupy your time. Also, it’s reading, so it will help increase your short-term memory, make you more creative, and possibly gives you an escape from reality just as your friend’s fandom does for them.

Do Binge Watch Episodes With Them

Your friend will want to watch Supernatural! Watch a whole season in one day with them and have a fun time doing it. You can eat, talk, and just enjoy it while you do! It will be an ideal friendship for you both.

Do Buy Them Supernatural Merch

Every fandom has its merchandise, and every fan wants all of it. If they are a fan, they will probably like anything related to Supernatural (socks, jewelry, shirts, etc.). There is an easy birthday present!

Don’t Criticize Their Ship

They might ship anywhere from Destiel to Godeath, but no matter what it is – do not judge it. If you do, do so with caution as proceeding with mean comments about said ship may lead to injury. You have been warned.

Don’t Say Anything Wrong

Or at least try not to. If you say, “Dean & Sam” as a fan, your friend will, most probably, automatically correct you too, “Sam & Dean,” or they will criticize your poor knowledge. There are lots of things you should try to learn before talking to your friend about Supernatural unless you don’t mind being corrected all the time.

Don’t Use Trigger Words In Public

There is a high chance that any number of words or subjects could lead your Hunter friend to a fangirling moment in public. Be cautious about using such words around them while around people, as ordinary people would think they were insane/having some breakdown. Just don’t do it.

Don’t Joke About Major Character Deaths (Depending)

Depending on how deep into Supernatural your friend is, would tell you if you can joke about character deaths. If they are on season 4, don’t do it. If they are watching season 8, they are probably joking about the deaths, too, so you can as well.

Don’t Fall In Love With The Same Characters As Them

Fans, especially Hunters, know how to fight (not that they would, of course, but you never know). So I suggest that you do not fall for the same characters that they love. People fight in real life over the same guy/girl, and it often doesn’t end well. The same goes for fictional characters. Of course, you could always find someone who’s willing to share their first fictional love with you. In that case, have fun fangirling together!

Hopefully, these instructions were/will be helpful for you and your Hunter friends! Good luck!/

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