Does Phantom Requiem For The Phantom have happy ending? Find out in this article as we dissect the twist and turn in the storyline.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom’s ending left viewers perplexed because it wasn’t as straightforward as expected! It left more questions in viewers’ minds than answers.

But then if you watch every single detail of the last episode closely, it is easy to see what it may have all meant. If you didn’t pay close attention then the ending must have been a big question mark. Regardless, we are here to explain the ending and to let you know if it is a happy ending or not. 

Does Phantom Requiem For The Phantom Have Happy Ending

Does Phantom Requiem For The Phantom Have Happy Ending?

Decoding if it is a happy ending or not

While many were miffed about the ending, the ending is a different take than the visual game’s ending. If you know the ending of the visual novel game (Phantom of Inferno) then you know exactly what we are talking about!

For the uninitiated, the visual novel game has a happy ending because that is what people expected and that is what people got. The anime, well, not the usual happy ending that you would expect.

Although the anime was based on the visual game, it changed the ending and there have been two very distinct parties; those who think the ending was perfect and those who absolutely hated the ending. Let us explore the two sides. 

Why the ending was embraced by some

The ending made sense because the series was intense from the start with little humor. To be honest, it wasn’t a surprise that the ending was as grim as the rest of the anime leading up to it.

phantom requiem for the phantom does ein die

The reason why this not-so-happy ending made sense is because the two major characters have their memory wiped out and there is no way they can get their memories back to lead normal lives again.

While the anime didn’t specify if both die, it is heavily implied that Reiji is surely dead but Elen is probably alive. The missing petal scene may just be to mislead the viewer into thinking that Elen committed suicide.

The flowers shown at the end scene aren’t poisonous and so Elen probably didn’t die from eating a single petal. But whether she stays alive for long after that is still a mystery and the creators probably did that so every viewer has his interpretation of the ending.

Elen looks at peace in the end so it makes sense that she may have lived for a few years. But since Inferno is such a big organization, they are going to keep looking for her until they find her and ultimately kill her like Reiji.

This may not be a satisfying ending but it makes sense knowing that the two main characters were Phantoms and Inferno will never let them leave without punishment which is death. 

Why the ending wasn’t accepted by all

The ending didn’t make sense because there were many questions left unanswered and no official statement about the ending was issued! This is not fair! The ending didn’t make sense primarily because it was so unclear about what happened.

phantom requiem for the phantom reiji love interest

A lot takes place in the final moments of the finale which causes more confusion than ever before. At a point, it seems like the two leads aren’t in the same timeline. It is as if Elen is reminiscing about the good times she had with Reiji.

But then what about the flower petal missing soon after? There are too many questions but too few answers. The song ‘Transparent’ doesn’t make anything transparent!

The other reason the ending of the series wasn’t satisfying to many was that it seemed abrupt compared to the anime’s pace. The anime went at a certain speed and things happened at a proper pace.

The ending seemed like too much was packed in a single finale episode. Perhaps pacing it right might have given the proper closure and left fewer people so upset even years after the series ended.

does phantom requiem for the phantom have happy ending or not

Maybe the most disheartening was how the series revolved more around the two characters, Elen and Reiji, but they were not given their own ‘happy ending’ which was expected. The ending was not expected but it did shock everyone!


Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom did not have the happy ending many were hoping for but it felt like it gave the closure needed. The shocking end was a jolt to many because fans were keeping their fingers crossed and hoping all will be well in the end.

But all we got was the song ‘Transparent’ and loads of ambiguity. What did you think of the anime’s ending? Did you think the series got the ending it deserved? Or do you think the creators should have spent more time on the ending?

It is a crazy ending for sure but one that chose the other path rather than the usual one. That’s what makes it so striking compared to the other anime series. 

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