Mom ran for 8 seasons and one of the unforgettable characters was Marjorie. Marjorie is among the wisest souls who tries to talk sense into others whom she interacts with.

She is also one of the most loved characters in the show. Her nickname is Marge.

Does Margaery die in Mom?

When does Marjorie first appear in the series Mom?

Does Margaery die in Mom

The character Marjorie Armstrong-Perugian appears for the first time in the first season episode 4 titled ‘Loathing and Tube Socks.’

Her last appearance in the series is the finale of the show which is the 18th episode of season 8 titled ‘My Kinda People and the Big To-Do.’

Does Margaery die in Mom?

Marjorie does not die in Mom. Another recurring character called Mary dies in season 7 episode 5 unexpectedly.

Mary appeared throughout seasons 1 to 5 and then in seasons 7. Mary Pat Gleason played Mary in Mom and she was one of the most memorable characters on the show.

Her death in the show is caused by an aneurysm at the end of the AA meeting.

Does Marjorie have any illnesses?

Throughout the show, Marjorie does have some issues. Apart from the breast cancer diagnosis, she has more health-related problems which are revealed in seasons 7 and 8.

She gets surgery for stent placement to prevent heart failure. This puts a strain on her financially. She takes up the job of delivering food as a means to support herself.

What is Marjorie’s past?

Marjorie has come a long way since her past as she suffered immensely. She dealt with alcohol and drug addiction problems.

what happened on mom series finale

She was also sent to prison. At one point she didn’t have a roof over her head. When you see her now you can see she has emerged stronger than ever as she bravely faces her challenges.

When do Christy and Bonnie find out about Marjorie’s diagnosis?

Marjorie tells Christy and Bonnie about her breast cancer diagnosis in season 1 episode 11 titled ‘Cotton Candy and Blended Fish’.

Both Christy and Bonnie are shocked when they hear the news and decide to help Marjorie in the process.

They even try to become a bit like Marjorie by trying to be more patient in situations.

Does Marjorie beat cancer?

Marjorie is a strong soul. After we find out that she has cancer in season 1, we see her deal with her diagnosis.

She received the treatment required and she comes out of the ordeal stronger. Fortunately, she is healed by the end of the 2nd season all due to her patience and her determination. How she handles her life is often inspirational to others.

Is Marjorie married in Mom?

At the start of the show, Marjorie was a widow. She was married to him for 3 decades. Marjorie then gets married to Victor after Christy introduced the two to each other.

Does Victor die in Mom?

In season 6 episode 5, Victor suffers from another stroke and passes away suddenly. Marjorie tries to control her emotions and act as if she is okay in front of her friends.

does margaery die in mom show with

But by the end of the episode, she is unable to put on the façade any longer and grieves. Her friends are with her to console and support her during this difficult period.

How is her relationship with Christy?

Christy loves Marjorie and confides in her as Marjorie is always willing to listen and give her perspective in any given situation.

Christy believes she is her best friend. In the first episode of season 2, we see that Marjorie is quite supportive of Christy after the latter gets evicted.

This is when she welcomes Christy into her home.

Does Bonnie roast Marjorie as intended in episode 17 of season 8?

Bonnie and Marjorie have a love and hate relationship throughout the series Mom which is interesting to watch for viewers.

In the episode just before the finale, it was expected that Bonnie will roast Marjorie when she gives her speech.

But a major surprise is that she doesn’t opt for that route. Instead, she speaks straight from the heart that shocks Adam and others.

Does Marjorie have a son?

Marjorie has one son called Jerry Armstrong. We first get to see him when Christy tries to force him to start speaking to his mother again after she is diagnosed with breast cancer.

This does not go down well with Jerry as he is not interested. Eventually, he shows that he forgives her by calling her and speaking to her.

How is Marjorie’s relationship with her son?

Marjorie didn’t have the best relationship with her son Victor as they were not in contact for a long time. Thanks to Christy, they get in touch again.

Eventually, Victor trusts Marjorie enough to let her babysit his daughter. This occurs in season 7 episode 8.

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Marjorie gets help from her friends when there is a cat emergency during the time she is babysitting Victor’s daughter.

Which award does Marjorie get?

In season 8 episode 17, Marjorie gets the Napa Valley Community Hero Award. Jerry Armstrong is the one who nominates her for that award but she has no clue about it.

She thinks it is Bonnie even though Bonnie denies her claims. Though her son is late, he comes in just in time to hear Marjorie’s acceptance speech.

Is Marjorie a recurring character or a main character?

Marjorie started as a recurring character in the series Mom in the first season. She remained so for the entire season as she appeared in 7 out of 22 episodes.

However, she became a regular and became one of the main characters from season 2 until season 8.

She has appeared in a total of 146 episodes of Mom and is among the best characters on the show. 

How many cats does Marjorie own?

In a conversation with Christy, it is revealed that Marjorie owns 8 cats in total. So yes, she is a cat lady who is firm in saying that you don’t own cats but you love them.

She has different names for her cat family. Her cats are named Box Skaggs, Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Steve Miller, and Grace Slick, and a pack of three are called the Tower of Power horn.

Is it true that Mimi Kennedy based her character on her aunt?

Yes, that is true. Marjorie’s aunt was a sponsor and worked with AA for more than a decade without her family’s knowledge. 

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