Harry Styles is an American songwriter, actor, and singer who rose to fame when he became a part of the boy band group One Direction.

Even after separating from the band, Harry has been busy putting out music that is loved by fans all over the globe.

Does Harry Styles have a child?

Harry Styles does not have a child although rumors were rife about him having a daughter who is now around 3 years old.

Does Harry Styles have a child

The reports turned out to be false as there was no confirmation from anyone close to Harry and neither from the man himself.

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are the only two former One Direction band members who do not have any children yet.

Who is Darcy Anne Styles?

Some news outlets spread the rumor that Harry Styles had a daughter called Darcy Anne Styles.

There is no truth to this rumor as Harry has never confirmed this news. According to the false reports, Darcy was conceived after Harry had a fling with a fan during his stint at X Factor.

This news started circulating after Gigi announced her pregnancy. But the rumor died down eventually.

Did Harry Styles wanted to have children?

Harry Styles has said time and again that he is interested in having children and will have them when he feels he has found the right woman.

harry styles family

Even interviews dating back to 2017 show that he said he will surely have them one day.

What does Harry want to name his child?

Harry spoke to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show and when Ryan asked if he would name one of his children Niall, Harry was open to it.

He said he wouldn’t mind that name and ‘she’d be adorable.’ While this may be a joke it is still a pretty sweet thing to say!

Who is behind the baby voice in the ‘As It Was’ music video?

The music video of this song had an adorable voice that went ‘Go on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you.’ Many speculated that this may be Harry Styles’ daughter.

But it turns out it was Harry’s goddaughter Ruby Winston. Her parents had recorded the message and sent it to Harry as they couldn’t reach him. Ruby had the habit of calling him before bedtime every day.

Who is Ruby Winston?

She is the goddaughter of Harry Styles. She is the daughter of Ben Winston and Meredith Winston. Ben Winston is the producer of the Grammy Awards and Late Late Show with James Corden.

He is also a director of many music videos for One Direction and has directed Friends: The Reunion.

Why did Harry decide to keep the voice at the start of the ‘As It Was’ music video?

Harry had the idea of adding his goddaughter’s voice when he was already in the studio recording this song.

He said he suddenly recalled the recording and decided to add it to the beginning of the song. Then he said he really liked it and decided to keep it that way.

Does Harry Styles have a wife?

Harry Styles is currently not married to anyone although there were rumors that he married secretly.

does harry styles have a wife

He has never been married although he has been linked to and dated many women over the past decade.

Who did Harry Styles date in the past?

Harry Styles has dated many women. Some of them include Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Camille Rowe, Nadine Leopold, Georgia Fowler, and Sara Sampaio.

His longest relationship up until now is with Camille Rowe as they dated for over a year.

Who is Harry Styles dating in 2022?

Harry Styles is currently dating Olivia Wilde who is 10 years his senior. Harry is known to date women older than him so it is no surprise he is dating Wilde.

do harry styles have a child

They seem to be quite serious about the relationship as Olivia introduced her children to Harry.   

How did Harry meet Olivia?

They met on the set of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ that Olivia Wilde is starring in and directing. Harry Styles has been roped in star in the movie too.

An insider has said that they instantly felt a connection with each other and it didn’t take long for them to start seeing each other after that. Harry was smitten and so was Olivia.

When were they first spotted together?

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were spotted for the first time in Montecito, California for Jeffrey Azoff’s wedding who is Styles’ manager. This took place in January 2021 and they were photographed holding hands.

This is when their relationship came into the limelight. Olivia and Harry then were spotted in London in April and subsequently in Italy in July 2021.

Is Harry Styles engaged to Olivia?

A newspaper claimed that a fan of Harry Styles heard him refer to Olivia Wilde as his fiancé in 2021. However, no news has come to the fore regarding this as it is not sure if he is engaged to her or not.

did harry styles have a child

None of the stars have confirmed anything about their engagement so it is a mystery although it is clear that they are no longer shying away from showing their love in public.

Did Harry Styles break Olivia and Jason’s engagement?

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were engaged for 7 years before they decided to part ways. Some insiders say that the blooming romance between Olivia and Harry may have been the reason for the split.

But others disagree saying that Olivia and Jason had decided to split a long time before Harry and Olivia started to see each other.  

Do Olivia’s children get along with Harry?

According to a source close to Olivia Wilde, Harry gets along really well with her two children; Otis and Daisy.

The children love him too as he loves to take them to places like the beach and spends quality time with them.

Olivia and Jason were engaged and shared two children. They broke off their engagement in 2020.

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