Does Eren die in attack on titan? In this article, we will explore the evidence available to decide whether Eren will ultimately live or die in Attack on Titan.

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time, drawing in a massive fanbase worldwide and captivating viewers with its thrilling storylines. 

At the heart of the story lies protagonist Eren, whose journey of self-discovery drives much of the plot. As fans of the series will know, one of the biggest questions facing them all is whether or not Eren will meet an untimely death along the way. 

Does Eren Die In Attack On Titan?

Does Eren die completely?

This popular anime, centered around humanity’s constant struggle against giants (“Titans”), has captivated audiences worldwide. 

As fans have followed the main character, Eren Yeager, they have wondered whether he will survive to the end.

When discussing this concept, there are two main perspectives: some believe that Eren dies completely in the series while others believe he survives. To understand either side, it’s important to analyze events depicted in the anime.

Does Eren Die In Attack On Titan

The Supporters of Eren’s Death make their case with the events that happen in the second season. Eren suffers extreme losses from both human and Titan comrades. 

Does Eren come back to life?

For some, the answer’s a resounding yes. But for others, the answer is a little bit more complicated. So, does Eren come back to life after being killed in Attack on Titan? The sad truth is that he doesn’t—at least not in the way you’d think. 

In the manga, Eren is killed by the Colossal Titan, leaving his body mangled beyond recognition. However, his death sparks a series of events that ultimately brings him back in an entirely different form as an enormous, imposing titan that towers over the battlefield.

While this new form doesn’t bring back the person Eren once was, it does give him a chance to continue fighting against the powers that have been threatening the people of humanity. 

How old is Eren when he dies?

In the Attack on Titan anime, the age of Eren’s death is uncertain. Though it is implied he dies as a young adult, the exact age is not stated. Eren’s age at the time of his death is mostly a matter of speculation among fans.

At the end of the third season of the anime, while in the anime we don’t get an exact age for the character. They have speculated that he could have been around 19 or 20 at the time of his death.

does eren die in the manga

Eren is known to have joined the Survey Corps at the age of 15, which was five years prior to his death.

What does Eren do in the end?

Eren takes an incredible journey throughout the series, and the ending is no different. He is pushed to his limits and he demonstrates a great deal of strength and determination throughout the show.

After the battle against the Beast Titan, Eren faces off against his father in a one-on-one showdown. While their time together was short-lived, Eren and his father were able to make peace before the end.

Eren uses his newfound power to challenge his allies as well as his enemies, often going out on his own to save and protect those closest to him. 

With the power of the Founding Titan, Eren is able to manipulate the structure of the world. He can even resurrect the dead. In the end, Eren’s decisions truly alter the course of history.

Which episode does Eren come back?

The fifth installment of the popular Attack on Titan anime is one that many fans have been eagerly anticipating – the return of Eren Jaeger. Fortunately, the fifth episode of the new season reveals that Eren is indeed alive, though in a rather unexpected way. 

The fifth episode of Attack on Titan opens with a surreal dreamscape that finds Eren in a strange and otherworldly landscape, encased in a mysterious crystal prison. 

Viewers learn that the crystal is part of a mysterious power – the ability to control one’s own life and death – granted to Eren by an enigmatic figure. 

Through a series of events, Eren eventually returns from what seemed to be his demise, emerging from the crystal in a normal human form. 

why did mikasa kill eren

The episode continues as Eren is reunited with his friends and family, showing his true capabilities as a Titan Shifter, and explaining his plan to free the world from the clutches of the tyrannical Marley Empire. 

Who ate Eren’s mom?

It is revealed that Eren’s mother was devoured by a mysterious figure, which is later revealed to be the ‘Smiling Titan’. 

This Titan is possibly an abnormal titan, as it does not follow the typical behavior of the other titans. It is believed that this Titan is the same one that was seen in the flashbacks, who was responsible for the destruction of Wall Maria. 

The events that led to Eren’s mother’s death were first hinted at in the first episode, where there is a shot of the Smiling Titan, who lunged at Eren’s mother as she was trying to save her son from being eaten. 

She bravely confronted the titan but was eventually attacked and devoured. Each time Eren or any other of the characters see the Smiling Titan, they are filled with terror, as it is a reminder of the tragedy which caused Eren to hate the titans even more than the others. 

does eren become a titan

Eren’s hatred of the titans is especially strong due to his mother’s death, and his determination to avenge her is one of the motivators behind his desire to join the Survey Corps. 

Why didn’t the Titan that ate Eren turn into a human?

After Eren was eaten by the Titan, it wasn’t able to transform and instead, it roamed around in its monstrous form. It seemed that Eren’s power was not returned to the humans, leaving fans puzzled. 

The most likely explanation is that Eren’s Titan power was the Founding Titan, a special power shaped similarly to the Titan’s Founding King Ymir Fritz

This is the link that connects all of the world’s Titans and binds them together. Once the Founding Titan merged with the giant creature, it was never going to transform. 

Another possibility is that Eren was unable to completely transform into a Titan due to the exhaustion of his power. 

Alternatively, it could be that Eren didn’t die and his body was still alive within the Titan’s body, which prevented the transformation.

What Titan is Eren’s brother?

Eren’s brother, Zeke, is a mysterious figure who is an extremely powerful Titan Shifter. He is capable of transforming into the powerful “War Hammer Titan,” a grotesque, beastly creature who is the illegitimate son of the Founding Titan that has the power to manipulate the memories of other Titans, among other things. 

Zeke is first seen in the Attack on Titan anime shortly after Eren makes his first appearance in the story arc. Zeke uses his powers to grant Eren the power of the Coordinate, granting him the ability to control other Titans. 

Zeke is seen as a much darker and sinister figure to Eren and his friends, as he is responsible for the death of many people and Titans. 

Zeke’s Titan form is imposing, enormous, and terrifying. He has a distinctly different physiology from other known Titans, which makes him more difficult to combat and defeat. 

His exact motives and identity remain a mystery, but it’s possible that he is connected to the source of the titans, offering some clues as to the origin of the Titans.

What is Eren’s true goal?

Eren from the Attack on Titan anime is a character whose true goal is an enigma shrouded in mystery. 

Serving as a figurehead for the Survey Corps, it’s easy to forget that there exists a deeper desire for Eren that lies beyond his mission to protect humanity from the Titans. 

does eren come back to life

While determined to reclaim the world from the creatures, the question of what Eren’s true goal is is one that has many answer possibilities.

It could be argued that the seeds of Eren’s true goal were sown when he found out his father was killed at the hands of the Female Titan, prompting him to devote his life to taking down the creatures. 

He’s consumed by his hatred for Titans as well as a burning desire for revenge, which is why he was willing to endure severe experimentation. The depths of his passion for this task hint at a passion for a larger mission that surpasses his dealings with these giant beasts.

Another possibility is that the goal of Eren’s life is to achieve freedom for all of humanity. He was the leader of a revolutionary movement calling for an end to the oppression of humanity and a chance to finally be liberated from the shackles of absolute rule. 

His motivation could be a desire to create a world where everyone can live a happy life free from fear and despair.

How many years will Eren live?

Eren is a danger to all living things. He possesses the powerful powers of the Nine Titans, including the legendary “Attack Titan” and the formidable “Founding Titan”. 

Little did he know, however, that his power comes with a dark side effect – he has a limited lifespan. 

Thankfully, Eren possesses the willpower to make the most of his remaining eight years to make a positive contribution to the world, and inspire others to greatness.

Audience Reaction to Eren’s Potential Death

The possibility of Eren’s death in the hit anime ‘Attack on Titan’ has caused a massive stir among the fanbase. 

Many who have invested countless hours watching the show’s intense battles, had to come to terms with the possibility of the lead character being no more. 

The storyline gave the audience hope that Eren will survive, as he is central to much of the plot pointing them in the direction of a resolution.  

For some, this almost unbearably tense atmosphere was too much to handle. People found themselves desperately clinging to the hope that Eren would face his enemies and emerge victorious. 

does eren die in attack on titan series

This anticipation and suspense during the last few episodes left many people on the edge of their seats, eager for the show’s finale.

Ultimately, the reaction to Eren’s potential death is a complex one, with everyone having a differing opinion. Whatever their stance, it is undeniable that this particular development had a remarkable impact on all viewers of Attack on Titan.


In conclusion, the fate of Eren Yeager in the popular Attack on Titan anime remains unclear. Although there are strong indications that he could die during the course of the show, the manga has not yet provided confirmation. 

It’s likely that fans will have to wait to find out what ultimately happens to the protagonist, as the story is still ongoing. Despite this, Attack on Titan anime still holds mystery and provides no certain answer.

However, Eren’s legacy will undoubtedly live on. After all, as the inspirational engine that drives the narrative of Attack on Titan forward, his courage and determination will continue to be remembered and celebrated by both the characters of the show and its devoted fanbase.

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