Elena Gilbert is the prime protagonist in the American supernatural television series, The Vampire Diaries.

It is based on the fictional town of Mystic Falls and she plays the love interest of the two other protagonists, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. 

Does Elena come back in Season 8? 

Elena returns to say her final goodbye to her friends and the show by reappearing in the season finale titled “I Was Feeling Epic”. She wakes up from slumber and walks around reminiscing about the life she had in Mystic Falls. 

Why did Elena leave the show? 

Elena was primarily present in the show for six seasons but Nina Dobrev had to leave the show. While she was grateful for all the experiences she gained, she wanted to move on to newer projects and grow as an actor. 

Who kills Katherine in Season 8? 

When she reveals that she is not under Cade’s control, the Salvatore brothers change their plans. Stefan held Katherine when the fire passed through the tunnel to make sure she was gone for good. In that process, Stefan sacrifices his own life. 

Who did Elena end up with?

In the initial seasons, Elena remains in a relationship with Stefan. But when he went back to his ripper form, she was driven closer to Damon. She and Damon continued to love each other till the end of the show. 

How long was Elena in a coma? 

She was put to sleep around 2013 and the episode in which she finally woke up can be dated to be around May, 2019. It can be assumed that she was in that condition for six years. 

Why is Elena in a coffin? 

Elena was under a sleeping spell and linked to Bonnie. It was done to make sure she does not wake up until Bonnie died. To preserve her body, she was placed in a coffin. 

Did Damon and Elena have kids? 

The Vampire Diaries ended at a point where it was seen that they (Damon and Elena) continued to live together. Information about their kids was unknown until Legacies came up.

The show revealed that they have a few children together, namely Sarah, Jenna and Grayson. 

Does Elena become human again?

She turned vampire in the fourth season and faced ample difficulty in adjusting to the needs of a vampire. Towards the end of the sixth season, she succeeds in procuring the cure and turns human again. 

Why did Damon choose Bonnie over Elena? 

Damon had evolved through the seasons and developed a deep affinity for Bonnie as a friend. He could not let her die just to keep Elena away from the slumber. Therefore, he decided to wait until Bonnie reaches her natural end to be reunited with Elena. 

Did Damon burn Elena? 

After letting Elena go because of the sleeping spell, Damon was devastated. While coping with his losses, there was a scene that featured him burning Elena’s body.

Despite its shocking occurrence, it was later revealed that he was hallucinating and her body was safe. 

Does Damon cheat on Elena? 

Damon’s relationship with Elena hits a few bumps because of the catastrophe around them but they continue to strongly stand by each other. Damon remained faithful to her till the end. 

How old is Elena Gilbert?

She turns 28 (biologically) by the end of the series. However, she had turned into a vampire when she was 18 and had stopped physically ageing since. Later, she was also under a sleeping spell keeping her body intact. 

Why do Elena and Katherine look the same?

Elena is Katherine’s doppelganger as they belong to the Petrova bloodline. Amara was the first woman within the Petrova family to look that way. Elena remains the final descendant of the bloodline. 

Why is the Petrova family cursed? 

The rivalry of Vampires and Werewolves was creating chaos in the world and to control that, a shaman used a moonstone and bound the spell with Petrova blood to cast the curse upon them. 

Who is Tatia Petrova? 

Tatia is the first doppelganger of Amara. Her role was significant because both Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson were in love with her. Whom she loved more was unknown. 

Who is Elena’s best friend? 

Since the beginning, she has been close to Bonnie and Caroline and they can be regarded as her best friends.

After Elena and Stefan resolve their differences post-breakup, they also become very close friends. Bonnie has put her life at risk for Elena several times, making her the best friend. 

Who is the father of Katherine’s baby Nadia?

Katherine had a relationship with Markos who was a powerful witch and the leader of ‘The Travelers’. He was an antagonist in the show during later seasons.

It was unveiled that Katherine was pregnant after their affair and since their love was forbidden, her child was taken away. Nadia was that child. 

Is Elena a traveler? 

Since Katherine belonged to the sub-group of witches regarded as ‘The Traveler’, that makes Elena a traveler too in a distant manner since she is her descendant. 

Who is stronger between Elena and Caroline? 

They both turned Vampires against their will, which gave them supernatural powers. But Caroline enjoyed the strength and continued to make the most out of their powers.

She can be regarded as stronger than Elena because Elena did not enjoy the strength as a vampire. And as a human, she was only trained to defend herself against Vampires. 

Does Stefan love Caroline or Elena?

He was in love with both of them at different points of time. He was in love with Elena in the beginning, and it can be assumed that them being Doppelgangers of the original lovers had a role to play.

But he found his true love with Caroline towards the end and they ended up marrying each other. 

Who is Katherine’s true love?

She has been known to have numerous affairs and she always placed her safety above love. But she always had a soft corner for Stefan and has expressed her love for him on numerous occasions. She also ended up dying by his side.  

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