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Kingdom: Two Crowns by Raw Fury is the third game in the Kingdom series. It came out on December 11, 2018. You start with nothing but yourself and a horse. Build yourself up and make a domain of your own. You collect coins, hire locals to help, and build on land that you will transform into a working monarchy. You can get this game on multiple consoles like PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Kingdom Two Crowns is a great 2D side-scrolling game with amazing pixel art.

What Is New To The Kingdom Series

With this being the third game in the series, there are some changes that came with it. One of the biggest changes is that there is now a co-op mode. All of your pals can now play together to help defeat the Greed and build your kingdom to the best it can be. You can do this either locally with a split-screen or online. You can now either work together or split up and take over more land in less time. Something else they put into this new game is a seasonal cycle and new skins for your ruler. You can also stream the new Kingdom: Two Crowns soundtrack by Amos Roddy (ToyTree) on Spotify and Deezer.

The Start Of Kingdom: Two Crowns

“A solitary Monarch carries the crown to a new land…”

This is a very simple game to figure out, but while it seems easy, it is a strategy based game. If you make the wrong move it could be over for the kingdom you build and your subjects. You start the game with just a few coins and two peasants to hire. The few coins you do have will buy you the bow and arrow shop and hammer shop. As you go and adventure out more into the wilderness you will be able to build walls, more shops, cut down so you can expand, and find more peasants to form your kingdom. When playing this game, something to keep in mind is to try and have a balance, notably in the beginning when you only have two shops.

You do not want too many bowmen and not enough builders. While bowmen will protect your city and hunt, builders build, repair walls, cut down trees for you to expand, and help with the boat amongst other things. Another thing is you do not get to build stone walls until you get to the second island. Once you do that it will unlock rock for all the other islands on your map. As you get further into the Kingdom: Two Crowns, the more things you get, especially when you get on your second island. That is when you will get gems which you find in a gem chest.

Playing Kingdom: Two Crowns

To play this game you can use the arrow keys or the AWD keys. When we played this game we used the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys are to move and the down key is how you dispense your money to build things or give to your subjects. Getting to your main menu for us on a PC system (Dell to be exact) is the escape key. When playing on the first island you do not get much direction on what to do. If this is your first Kingdom game you will be looking up a few walkthroughs. While it is a fairly easy game to understand there are other aspects you do not know until you figure it out yourself by just playing the game for a few hours.

On the first island it seems like you will never defeat the Greed, but keep pushing through and you can start to destroy them when you start building your army on different islands. There is little to no narrative in this game. You are essentially alone. This aspect is great because if you are a monarch in real life it can be a lonely job. This game is easily addictive. When you play, a couple of hours can fly by without any notice. While playing games like Kingdom: Two Crowns you are going to want everything to be built and perfect for your kingdom and when the Greed ends up destroying a wall you just built it can get a bit aggravating.

The better your kingdom gets, the more powerful the Greed becomes. When you start using stone walls they start sending out heavy hitters to take them down.

Should This Be Your Next Game Purchase?

We at The Daily Fandom enjoyed Kingdom: Two Crowns. While it may seem like you can sit and play this game while watching television, you would be wrong. This game is surprisingly heavy and demands your attention if you want your kingdom to survive. It also brings a fun element now that you can play with a friend and help build your monarch together. The art is gorgeous with its 2D pixel style. It puts a unique spin on the game as you don’t see that art style too often in games anymore. The attention to detail is also excellent.

Kingdom: Two Crowns
Kingdom: Two Crowns © Raw Fury

One thing we enjoy is seeing your reflection in the water around you. The soundtrack is wonderful and makes you want to take the game off mute while playing. Overall this game is enjoyable and we highly recommend this game to anyone who loves strategy games, great graphics, and wants to run their own kingdom.

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Kingdom: Two Cowns by Raw Fury
Beautiful Art
Great Pass Time
Strategy Heavy
Fun Co-Op Mode
Amazing Soundtrack
No Direction For First Time Players