The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

Do You Know Too Much In The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4?

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Just when you thought the vampires are done for now, they come back with an army. Not just any kind of army though. They arrive with an army of vampires made from people that span centuries! They’re not very forthcoming though when it comes to confrontation. How does one defeat so many vampires at once? Find out in The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

An Invitation In The Eye Of The Beholder

This comic book Wednesday, Ben Blacker and Ben Acker are back with another issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4! Illustrated by M.J. Erickson and colored by Meg Casey, we start with our ghost reporter who is starting to come to terms with being a ghost.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

Having no idea how he became one in the first place, he figures that the janitor, the man he’s been seeing everywhere, might have something to do with it. He walks the streets of Brooklyn until he comes across a diner where his target is. Claude learns that people can see him despite his being a ghost. What he also learns is that the janitor is just about as clueless as he is about his supernatural identity.

A Lovely Night… Interrupted

Going back to our loving duo we all know and love, we join Sadie and Frank Doyle back in their home when they hear a knock at the door. Who could be bothering them so late at night though? Electing to ignore it, they go to their balcony instead only to be greeted with several vampires spanning centuries! They start as intimidating until Sadie grows impatient, just wanting a night to her and her husband.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

When they finally answer the door, the reader meets a new character: Vilhelm Shrei. Vilhelm just so happens to be the “sovereign” to this clan of vampires and promptly threatens Frank and Sadie into inviting him in. Our lovers aren’t as willing though. They continue to banter with him until they manage to trick him into walking inside.

What happens to Frank and Sadie? Was Vilhelm able attack them? What are werewolves doing in the middle of a vampire arc? Find out in the newest issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4!

Ants? Under My Skin?

In this newest issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4, there are several things that really hook the reader in. Starting out with the first-page story, the reader finds themselves in upstate New York. The package that has traveled across the world is finally over the United States.

As the cockpit of the plane starts to come into view, there is the realization that no one is flying the plane. What happened to the pilots? When going inside the radio tower shortly after, we see one woman who seems to be looking at her inflamed veins on her arms. With the dialogue hinting at something possibly infecting her, the reader can only wait for the next issue to come out.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

Next, we join Claude back in Brooklyn who seems to be adjusting to his new realization that he’s a ghost. He states he can’t remember turning into a ghost, but this could also be foreshadowing for his backstory in a later issue. He soon finds the janitor that has been following him around and asks who he is.

We learn the backstory of the janitor, a man named Clement Fancernance. So far, his backstory and conversation seem irrelevant to the main plot of the story. The only thing relating to it is Clement’s small comment about his janitorial work for vampires.

An Uninvited Guest

Going back to Sadie and Frank this issue, we meet Vilhelm Shrei, who is of notable rank among the vampires. Most of the conversation between he and the Doyles’ is banter since he is unable to enter their home. His inability to enter further shows that this comic series is sticking to vampire stereotypes which fits in with the older setting of the era.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

Soon, Vilhelm walks through the door and spontaneously explodes due to breaking one of the many rules of a vampire: they cannot enter uninvited. Because this new character was thrown away so quickly, it’s safe to assume that his existence in the universe had no importance to the plot. Of course, his name could be brought back in future issues, but for now, his existence and presence is nothing big to take note of for the reader.

At the very end, the reader is brought to Dave as he takes out the trash. What comes around the corner and bites him is something completely surprising. What is a werewolf doing in New York? Will this comic describe a turf war between the vampire coven and a werewolf pack? Maybe our ghostly reporter, Claude, will also have a hand in this war.

A New Way to See Color

The first thing that struck me with the art style was the colors! They were so different from the last three issues until I realized they changed the colorist. While the previous colorist had also done a marvelous job with this comic, Meg Casey’s coloring has taken be completely by surprise!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4; BOOM!, 2018.

The shading and detail in these colors really help the characters stand out more against the backgrounds and from each other. The only problem I see is Claude’s coloring when he’s in his “ghost form”. While I understand he is supposed to be fading in from the background, the lack of shading makes him look flat and unnatural in his environment.

Due to the change in shading, I’ve noticed a decrease in confusion between characters. Same-Face Syndrome no longer seems to be an issue as the illustrator is also improving. The characters are more dynamic, have better body language, and overall make themselves individuals.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4: Invite Inside Or Shut the Door?

Overall, this month’s issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4 brings back your favorite characters and adds more suspense to your reading endeavors. This issue will have you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one to come out. So many questions have been thrown at the reader this month, what will be answered next month?

Finally, I will leave you with something to think on as you digest this month’s comic:

In a turf war, would you support the vampires or thewerewolves?

Find The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4 online or wherever comic books are sold. If you enjoyed this review, check out our comic book section where we review all sorts of comics here. Want to start at the beginning? Click here to read a review on the first issue of this series.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4 by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, M.J. Erickson, Meg Casey,
The Doyles' come face to face with an army of vampires there to rid of them. Our lovers know more than what meets the eye in The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4
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