Do Celty And Shinra End Up Together

Do Celty And Shinra End Up Together 2022?

Do Celty And Shinra End Up Together? Will their relationship end up in a good or bad way? Find out in this blog post.

Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani are two prominent characters in the show Durarara which is based on novels with the same name.

The action takes place in Ikebukuro where the lives of several characters intersect, each furthering their own agenda. Despite their occupational differences, the chaos brings them together. 

Do Celty And Shinra End Up Together

Do Celty And Shinra End Up Together?

Celty and Shinra Unite

Durarara as a show focuses on the love that is beyond the human realm and may appear to be twisted in several ways.

Such is the relationship between Celty and Shinra as well. They were in close contact with each other before getting together, as they were roommates.

Shinra’s father Shingen had promised Celty accommodation in Japan so that he could study her. She is a Dullahan with a lost head and went through a frustrating process of finding it. 

Celty and Shinra spend immense time together when Shinra moves to a new city and she follows. Celty’s emotional insecurity holds her back when she tries to be expressive of her feelings towards Shinra.

He, on the other hand, is openly expressive and even Shinra’s friends knew about it. In the process of exploring the supernatural forces within Celty, he got to understand her mind and fell in love with her eventually.

Celty’s dilemma also stems from the fact that she is not human, and her ways of being are completely different from Shinra.

If she does not hold any control over her feelings, she would get hurt, as being and living amongst humans wasn’t a permanent choice for her. 

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Things only heat up and escalate when Celty gets to know that Shinra had been hiding the truth about her head which was procured by his father Shingen.

He did it out of fear of losing Celty and that struck a chord within her. They soon started dating after that point. 

Their Journey Together 

Being an unusual relationship, they take time to readjust to their lives and get to a comfortable place in their affair.

They bring out the best in each other as Celty develops an acceptance over self and evolves into a confident lady.

She is cautious of Shinra’s feelings every step of the way, and that makes her evaluate her own actions and its consequences on Shinra.

He too loves Celty for who she is, despite her physical appearance or absence of a head. He constantly finds ways to make her feel like she belongs to the human world and encourages her to mould herself within them.

They are passionate about each other and would cross any bounds to prove the same. 

Their relationship comes as a surprise to most of their friends and they eventually become supportive of it.

Celty and Shinra as a couple were also supportive and helped out other characters such as Akane, Shizuo, Anri and more at several occasions.

Shingen’s reaction to Celty and Shinra’s bond was strange in the beginning, but he later permitted Celty to call him ‘father’ and that was a milestone for them. 

durarara celty and shinra kiss

Celty as a Dullahan Amidst Humans

They have their roadblocks too, such as the instance when Celty was reunited with her head. She grew extremely conscious of being a Dullahan and it became difficult for her to come to terms with the reality of living amongst humans forever.

She was prepared to leave Shinra and hence staged a memory loss. He could sense every little change within Celty and soon got to know about her act.

He also decided that separating her head once again may change things back to normal. He pulled a stunt to ensure that she loses the memories of being a Dullahan but that failed.

Since he fearlessly presented himself to death, Celty shrouded him with her shadows and saved him. She realises the extent Shinra is willing to go to keep them together, and hence decides to stay.

At a metaphorical level, he successfully managed to remove the fear of being different from her head with his love. 

Celty always mentioned how being a Dullahan is considered to be an ill fortune in European folklore, and her presence would never yield good results for Shinra.

But throughout their journey, she realises that her love gave him power and made him strong. She was more than just an urban legend, she was a fortunate individual who fell in love with Shinra.

It is indicated that they eventually get engaged and continue to live with each other.

do celty and shinra end up together again


Their story has received positive reception amongst the fans because love stories are never simple.

Their hurdles make the experience of a relationship relatable no matter how bizarre the idea of a human falling in love with a Dullahan may be.

While some may argue that it may be toxic due to the extremities they go to for their love, but others feel that it is a mere reflection of their passion.

They add a tinge of humour and quirk to the plot and make the series more interesting.

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