With the Riverdale Ripper gone in Jughead: The Hunger #9, maybe life can get back to normal, right? It’s a wonderful wish, but sadly for Riverdale residents, life will never be the same, well at least not yet. There is a new mystery beginning with many scratching their heads. Someone is digging up bones in the city’s graveyard.

This grave robber isn’t randomly picking people, however. This robber is taking only victims attacked by the Ripper. Who is this person? Is he acting alone or is someone helping them? Answers to these and many more questions are packed in this jaw-dropping issue. Grab your gun with silver bullets and let’s dive into Jughead: The Hunger #9.

Jughead: The Hunger #9: A Summary

This issue begins with a funeral for Jughead’s pet Hot Dog. Friends and some family come to be there for Jug. After the funeral, Kevin Keller asks everyone to go to Pop’s Diner for some dinner. Midge still distraught after Moose’s death decides not to go. Jughead also declines over not feeling well and explaining that he can’t eat.

Jughead the Hunger #9
Credit: Jughead: The Hunger #9, Archie Comics

Later, Archie and Betty find him eating and begin to discuss his feelings and the recent events that have transpired. Just then Jughead gets a call that Hot Dog and other Ripper victims that have been dug up. Betty decides to go and investigate while Archie takes care of Jug during a full moon. After a moment of waiting in the graveyard, Betty finds the grave robber. Just as she is about to unmask him, she is kidnapped.

At this point in the comic, the kidnapper and henchman are revealed. The henchman is revealed to be Frankenmoose. A Frankenstein version of Moose who was killed off two issues ago. As readers are questioning the reveal of this monster, there is another unveiling that is jaw-dropping.

There will be no spoilers of who this person is, but a hint is that this person The in the one-shot of this series.

Some Grand Stand-Out Moments

Jughead the Hunger #9
Credit: Jughead: The Hunger #9, Archie Comics

Throughout this series, there have been many stand-out moments; but, this issue contains quite a few more than usual. There are three scenes that stand-out in the comic that truly makes this series shine.

A Quick Scene

After the funeral, Jughead is listening to everyone talk and he begins to imagine things. Everyone around him transforms into yellow-eyed creatures that condemn him for being the Riverdale Ripper.

As readers know Veronica and Reggie were blamed for the murder and Jughead was found innocent. Jughead, holding in his feelings, becomes very relatable. When holding things in people begin to think the whole world is out to get them. These two panels visualize that feeling exceptionally well. It’s a quick scene, but very well done.

Under A Full Moon

Another moment that is well done is how Archie, Betty, and Jughead are dealing with his transformation. This comic is set a bit after the murders and no one knows how Betty and Archie are taking care of Jughead. Comic readers get a glimpse of what this group does when a full moon hits. They get silver chains and keep him in a basement as the time passes.

Jughead: The Hunger #9
Credit: Jughead: The Hunger #9 Variant Cover, Archie Comics

They sleep in a chair with a gun in their hand till it’s morning. This scene is very comedic because Archie is so used to this that he can sleep through the whole transformation. To make the moment even more comedic Jughead, the goofball, scares Archie by yelling at him to wake up. Even in serious moments, best friends will always make light of a situation.


The last moment was the ending. As the issue is titled “Frankenmoose Meets Wolfjug” there is no interaction between these two characters. Since this was a part 1 to 3 issue arc, it was a great treat to reveal Frankenmoose in this issue, but also reveal the creator of Frankenmoose. The creator is the most shocking because its a character no one would have seen coming.

Lately, this character has been used in another Archie horror series, but this version of the character has a completely different personality. This version is a very interesting rendition of the character. Jughead: The Hunger #9 gives us a taste of who they are and it makes readers want to know more.

Jughead: The Hunger #9 – Should You Read It?

In the end, this issue was very enjoyable. Which isn’t a shocker, since writer Frank Teri has done a wonderful job from the beginning. I was more nervous about where this story was going to go after issue eight.

I assumed the next issue was going to focus on Veronica teaming up with Frankenmoose to fight Jughead. This issue was a surprise though because it not only showed a bit of the townspeople trying to have a normal life but also started a new mystery.

Credit: Jughead: The Hunger #9, Archie Comics

Bringing back a character from the one-shot issue was a wonderful moment for me. My jaw was opened when the panels revealed the character. I am in total awe and I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

This issue is not one to be missed, if you are new to the series this is a great place to join on a new original story. If you are a fan of this series, what are you waiting for? Go grab this while you can!

If you are looking for a summary of the series click here.

Jughead: The Hunger #9
Jughead: The Hunger #9 by Frank Tieri, Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli
Something is walking around the Riverdale graveyard at night and taking bodies with them. Jughead: The Hunger #9 finds out who...
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