The Incredible Dr. Pol is not dead, and is still very much alive. Jan-Harm Pol is presently 79 years old. He lives with his wife Diane Dalrymple. 

Did The Incredible Dr. Pol die?

What is The Incredible Dr. Pol?

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a reality TV Show which streams on Nat Geo Wild. It follows the adventures and experiences of the Dutch veterinarian Jan Pol at his farm in Weidman, Michigan.

The series which premiered in 2011, has successfully completed a whopping 20 seasons, with two seasons every year up until 2022.

What Is Dr. Pol’s Net Worth In 2023?

In an age where a single doctor can accrue over a million in net worth, it’s no wonder that many wonder about the financial standing of The Incredible Dr. Jan Pol.

After all, he has been providing top-notch veterinary services for more than 50 years and is currently the star of the hit TV show, The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Because of his incredible success and influential stature, it’s quite natural to ask: how much is Dr. Pol worth?

Well, at the start of 2021, Dr. Pol’s net worth was estimated to be around five million dollars–a pretty impressive number for a man who has dedicated his life to his profession. But, what about his net worth in 2023?

We can look to the success of Dr. Pol’s television career and other business endeavors to get an idea of what his net worth might be in three years’ time.

Though he has experienced a decrease in television revenue due to the pandemic, he has still maintained a steady income from his lucrative speaking engagements, book signings, and consultations.

Furthermore, in 2019, he even launched his own company, Pol Vet Services, which has become something of a success in its own right.

It’s likely that in 2023, Dr. Pol’s net worth will have grown exponentially, reaching closer to the ten-million-dollar mark. Even though he has been in the business for over half a century, Dr. Pol is still as determined and passionate as ever.

He has accomplished more in the veterinary field than most, and that work ethic and passion is likely to make 2023 a very profitable year.

Overall, Dr. Pol’s net worth in 2023 is impossible to definitively guess, but it’s sure to be a substantial amount–one that will undoubtedly reflect his hard work and dedication over the last 50 years.

With any luck, he’ll continue to be as successful as ever and make even more money in the years to come. Whatever the case may be, it seems safe to say that Dr. Pol’s net worth will only be going up.

Where can I watch Dr. Pol?

You can watch The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild, and also stream the series on Hulu Live TV on the same channel. You can also stream the series on Disney+. 

Is Dr. Pol a real vet?

Yes, Dr Pol is a real veterinary doctor. He is a Dutch-American doctor who has his own farm. Everything shown in his show, from his staff, to his animals and their illnesses are all real.

Dr. Pol has a degree in veterinary medicine from Utrecht University. After graduating, he worked for a veterinary practice for almost a decade in Harbor Beach, Michigan, before he started his own practice in 1981 with wife called Pol veterinary Services in Weidman. 

What happened to Dr. Brenda on Dr. Pol?

Dr. Brenda is a prominent cast member of the show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild. She features in almost all episodes since the show started until her appearance started becoming more infrequent from season 12.

Despite many rumors, Charles Pol has clarified that Dr. Brenda has not left the practice and continues to work at Pol Veterinary Services. 

Is Dr. Pol controversial?

Dr. Pol is both famous and infamous for his so-called ‘old school’ method of treating animals. While some (laymen, viewers, and fans) find it personal and homely, there are professionals who vehemently disagree with his methods.

This criticism stems primarily from his failure to wear gloves or mask while working, which is evidently visible in the show’s episodes. He also cannot be seen wearing surgical attire while performing a surgery. 

Why did the court rule against Dr. Pol? 

In January of 2020, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled against Dr. Jan Pol, hence siding with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to place the celebrity veterinarian on probation.

He also had to pay a fine and was obligated to acquire additional education ‘in the areas of small animal surgical preparation and monitoring, and small/large animal aseptic technique’ (according to court records). 

How much does Dr. Pol get paid for every episode?

It is believed that Dr. Pol makes about $30,000 per episode. 

Why was The Incredible Dr. Pol accused of malpractice? 

Known to be more of an old school practitioner, Dr. Pol can be seen not wearing gloves, mask or any surgical attire while treating animals on his show. One such case of negligence led to immense controversy and was taken up with the court.

His actions that sparked contempt was, namely, ‘failing to intubate a dog during surgery, failing to use an electronic monitoring device during the procedure, failing to request assistance locating the dog’s uterus during surgery and failing to wear a surgical cap, mask and gown during the procedure’ (according to court records). 

Why was Dr. Pol’s license suspended?

Dr. Jan Pol’s status as a beloved and world-renowned veterinarian has been largely unchallenged until recently. On November of 2018, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) began an investigation into his veterinary practices and suspended his license. As a result, fans of the show are still left wondering, did the incredible Dr. Pol die?

The accused violations that prompted the suspension of Dr. Pol run a gamut of respects and include improper record-keeping, failure to provide sufficient follow-up care, failure to provide proper housing for animals, misuse of drugs and more.

The investigation also revealed that Dr. Pol had delegated tasks that he was not qualified or licensed to carry out and that his clinic, Pol Veterinary Services, had failed to properly supervise a veterinarian-in-training.

This resulted in the staffer giving inaccurate information and providing care that they were unqualified to give.

The consequences of these alleged activities were serious and resulted in the suspension of Dr. Pol’s license.

This means that, until he fulfills all the requirements set forth by the LARA, Dr. Pol is not allowed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Michigan – or anywhere else.

In addition, Dr. Pol’s clinic, Pol Veterinary Services, was placed on a probationary period where its employees are subject to regular visits and inspections on behalf of the state regulators.

The incident has raised several questions about the oversight of veterinary practices and about the regulation of veterinary care. After so many years of delivering exemplary service, why did the state regulators suspend Dr. Pol’s license? Was it a matter of record-keeping or something more? Is there a greater problem within the veterinary industry that needs to be addressed?

Whatever the case may be, the suspension of Dr. Pol’s license has sent shockwaves through the veterinary industry.

In a field known for strict regulations and standards, Dr. Pol’s violations leave many wondering why he was allowed to operate for so long without being held accountable.

Until the state of Michigan answers these questions, people will continue to speculate and worry if the incredible Dr. Pol has died.

Is Dr. Ray Harp still with Dr. Pol?

No, Dr. Ray Harpe left Pol Veterinary Services, supposedly for family reasons. Dr. Ray Harp, is a 39-year-old veterinarian who joined Dr. Pol’s practice in July 2019.

He quickly became a fan favourite and one of the show’s prominent cast members, so everyone, including the cast of the show, are bummed to see him go.

Dr. Ray Harp last appeared in Season 19, and as one can only expect, he won’t be seen in season 20. 

How many seasons are there in The Incredible Dr. Pol?

The Incredible Dr. Pol has a total of 20 seasons, and has streamed 225 episodes as of March 2022. 

What nationality is Dr. Pol?

Dr. Pol is Dutch-American. He was born in Wateren, Drenthe in the Netherlands, and happened to move to Michigan as an exchange student where he also met his wife.

He spent his childhood on his family’s dairy farm. After graduating in 1970, Pol settled in America with his wife Diane Dalrymple. 

How old is Dr. Pol now?

Born on 4th September, 1942, Dr. Pol is 79 years old now. 

How many children does Dr. Pol have? 

Dr. Pol has three children with his wife Diane, and all of them are adopted. Kathy, the middle child was adopted at birth, and soon after, Charles was adopted at birth as well.

Their eldest daughter Diane Jr lived with the couple as a foster child from the age of eight, and was officially adopted at the age of eighteen. 

Do Dr. Pol’s patients pay?

Yes, the clients who appear on the show to consult Dr. Pol pay for themselves. There is no waiver of fee for them. Dr. Pol went on to explain in an interview  that only about 10% of his clients actually made it to the show. 

Did Charles Pol get married?

Yes, Charles Pol is now married to his long-time love Beth Oakes. The couple have known each other since childhood, from the age of two. This is a classic love story of long term friendship blossoming into love and later, marriage. 

What is Dr. Pol’s full name? 

The Incredible Dr. Pol’s full name would be Dr. Jan-Harm Pol. He was made famous by starring in a reality TV Show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild which is running its 20th season presently. 

Is Charles Pol Dr.Pol’s son? 

The producer of the show The Incredible Dr. Pol is Charles Pol who is also Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol’s adoptive son. 

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