Paris Comic Con took place last week and, a week after the event, we would like to let you know what happened.

As you may already have heard, The Daily Fandom did not get a press pass for Paris Comic Con, so what we are reporting here are pure speculations. However, according to very unreliable sources and a great deal of our imagination, all of this happened, and thus you shall not trust any of it. Read at your own risks!

So let’s us start with what DIDN’T happen at Comic Con Paris.

We know Mike Colter (the actor who portrays Luke Cage) was there – real reports of real people prove it, after all. We were therefore expecting Jessica Jones and Kilgrave to make an apparition for the show (and maybe pick up a fight). It didn’t happen. Luke Cage wondered all by himself at Comic Con, talking at a panel, taking pictures with fans and promoting his character. Cottonmounth didn’t come in to tease him down, nor did Mariah Dillard. According to our little birds, he felt very depressed to discover he couldn’t help Parisians take down gangsters, which is why he flew away back to Harlem after only a few days in the French capital.

We had even greater expectations regarding the venue of Melisandre, Game of Thrones’ red priestess, whom, as you remember [SPOILER ALERT], was cast south by the King in the North Jon Snow at the end of Season 6. South apparently meaning Paris (but what did you expect from a Red priestess with amazing dresses and jewelry?). We looked forward to seeing a display of her powers (like, bringing back from the dead the French economy, or at least allowing Parisians to see the sun shine at least one full day on their favorite city!). Nonetheless, we were quite bummed when we heard that, out of despair from not being able to stay by the side of the King in the North, she renounced her magical powers and stopped wearing [SPOILER ALERT] her magical necklace. Therefore, fans faced an elderly woman mumbling old tales of the Seven Kingdom with no much memory of who she used to be. Goodbye, Rhallor!

After two days of NOT seeing much of anything (no superhero display, no magic… etc), we were putting a lot of hope into one of the world first premieres of Doctor Strange. Indeed, on Sunday evening, Comic Con Paris hosted one of the first screenings of the magical superhero adventures, featuring Sherlock Holmes, aka Benedict Cumberbatch. Magical AND superhero? That sounded like everything we didn’t have a chance to see! Doctor Strange is indeed an enhanced human being with magical abilities. With hundreds of fans, we waited in line to watch the display of his powers on a flat screen, in the expectation that some of these would jump out in the real world and provide us with a unique experience. Well, better tell you now that the people in charge made sure no magical power could get through. Only images and sounds, which is the less that can be expected from human technology!

In a nutshell, this 2016 Paris Comic Con could be summarized as such: no superhero powers, no magic, no alien invasion, sci-fi apocalypse, zombie outbreaks or vampire outbursts. The only sparkles of imagination came from cosplayers, who, by their costumes, make-up and acting brought actual magic into a very down-to-earth Comic Con. But then again, we weren’t here, so we could be wrong! Only way to be sure? Getting into next Comic Con in Paris! *fingers crossed*