Delve Into The Psychology Of Lois Lane With Lois Lane #5 and #6

Cover of Lois Lane #6

Lois Lane #5 and #6 delve into what makes Lois who she is. Lois Lane #5 focuses on the journalism side and the ethics that must be in place for the job. In Lois Lane #6 the events of Event Leviathan are used to tell a story about Lois and her father. Both are solid issues as per this creative team’s fantastic storytelling ability.

What Happens In Lois Lane #5?

Lois Lane #5 is split between Renee and Lois searching for answers in their own way. Throughout, we get Lois talking about the ethics of journalism and how those ethics are vitally important no matter what. This story, while slower than previous issues, is important because of this thread. Right now, in the world, we are seeing journalism down by amateurs and professionals willing to break the rules. Facts are facts and the truth has to be told no matter what. Falsehoods are spread and lies are maintained due to the fact that people break the rules.

Lois explains journalism
Lois Lane #5; DC Comics 2019

Greg Rucka’s own experience with journalism and his opinion on it is showing brightly through each page of Lois Lane #5. I think this was a good issue to have to tell people how it really is and what it’s supposed to be like. Someone like me with no journalism experience was fascinated and learned a great deal about the pressures of the job. Well done to the entire team. And of course, the Renee bits are fantastic, classic The Question hunting for the truth and Renee being Renee. Just give her a solo book, please!

What Happens In Lois Lane #6?

Lois Lane #6 functions as a one-shot separate from the main arc of this 12-issue limited series. The focus shifts towards analyzing Lois and her father as their relationship evolves over the course of her life. Her father died in another series called Event Leviathan written by Brian Michael Bendis, so Rucka and Perkins are picking up on that to show the emotional impact of the event. However, I’m reminded of several one-shot issues in Gotham Central that did something similar with event comics. It’s important to show the human side to major events in the Big 2, otherwise, you lose focus and perspective in the superhero drama. That’s what this team has been good at doing and they continue within this issue.

Renee comforts Lois
Lois Lane #6; DC Comics 2019

This is a powerful issue that shows just how much Lois cared for her father and vice versa. It was a relationship full of tension but also love. That last line by Lois about how her father nearly believed in Superman choked me up a little. This is an insanely good issue to show the human side of the DC universe. Lois Lane is a book that is trying to be many things but the human side I think is its strongest link in the chain. This is a one-shot issue and does come with some pacing issues in regards to the overall series. However, that can easily be looked over due to the fact that it was such a powerful read.

I appreciate Renee standing next to Lois as she too has lost her father and knows the pain very well. So, despite its flaws, this was a magnificent issue.

Both Issues Are Fantastic

Lois Lane #5 and #6 continue the overall story of Lois and her life. It delves into journalism and what it really means to be a reporter. It also delves into Lois as a person. The contrast of the flashbacks in #6 with the present is guaranteed to get a reaction out of you. Truly powerful comics right here.

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