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First of all, apologies for the lack of Fanfic Friday last week! We had issues with our servers, and we were unable to post anything during that day.

Now, to kick off the new month, July will be all about crossovers! We have decided to start out with an anime-related fic rec list. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the latest Death Note trailer by Netflix came out a few days ago. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating or dreading the film, there’s no denying the Death Note hype is back. Thefore, we are mixing different anime with a Death Note setting.

The Fallen Preistess And A Notebook That Kills

Crossover with: Inuyasha
Summary: All her friends were killed, and now the murderers come back,the Shinigami, Kagome has to avenge the deaths of those she treasured so dearly, Kagome must find L and they must solve the Kira case, together…
Rating: Fiction T – Fantasy/Suspense


By: Princess Hook
Crossover with: Naruto
Summary: All Sakura Haruno ever wanted was to be able to prove useful, but suddenly she was forced into the world of Death Note against her will. Will she be able to get back to her world?
Rating: Fiction T – Drama/Romance

The Melancholy of Shinigami Ryuk

By: halfeatenmoon
Crossover with: Suzumiya Haruhi Series
Summary: When the Death Note falls into the hands, not of an ordinary human being, but Haruhi Suzumiya, the world becomes more ‘interesting’ in a way that Ryuk never would have expected and Kyon never would have wanted.
Rating: Fiction T – Supernatural


By: ride with the ROCKERS
Crossover with: Ouran High School Host Club
Summary: Light Yagami meets the Host Club.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor

As Time Diverges: The Mitakihara Case

By: Azure of the Auspicious Rain
Crossover with: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Summary: Spoilers for both series. When time loops change small details, the key to truth is found. In a world with no Kira, L, taking what he thought was simply a string of disappearance cases, unknowingly dives into the world of Puella Magi. Character deaths.
Rating: Fiction T – Mystery/Adventure

Worlds Apart, Yet So Close

By: PeinSaku
Crossover with: Naruto
Summary: In which Sakura is introduced to a world the likes of which none of them have ever seen. She’ll have to befriend an infamous detective in order to capture the mass-murderer that kills people via heart attacks — but, in the end, will she survive it?
Rating: Fiction T – Adventure/Romance

You’ve Got The Right Stuff

By: Lyson
Crossover with: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Roy hears Ed’s been visiting a local nightclub, he doesn’t really believe it because, pfft, Edward in a nightclub? Yeah right! But he goes to check it out anyway because he’s Roy Mustang and he needs to know all things…and when he gets there he finds something completely unexpected.
Rating: Mature – M/M – Mild Language, Humor, Established Relationship, Slash, Post-Canon, Canon Divergence, Fluff

Tug O War Princess

By: Sesshy’s Mistress
Crossover with: Sailor Moon
Summary: What if L wasn’t the only one to be chained to Light? What if another, someone much more pleasant was as well? What insanity would ensue? What does a girl have to do to get some peace, quiet, and privacy away from the two detectives? Poor Usagi…
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor/Drama

Private Eyes

By: Vhii1217
Crossover with: Detective Conan/Case Closed
Summary: Mouri Kogoro was hired to help L capturing Kira. Of course the one to be handy was Edogawa Conan. Now that L had known Conan’s real identity, how could L and Conan arrest Kira? And what would Light do responding suspicion from the two detective?
Rating: Fiction K+ – Mystery

Warehouse 13

By: single girls seeks good pizza
Crossover with: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: In episode 37, Roy Mustang and his comrades search for the legendary “Warehouse 13.” Little do they know, they are about to ruin one of the most dramatic climax scenes in anime history.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor/Adventure

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