Deadpool Is King Of The Monsters In Deadpool #2

After Deadpool #1 showed us Deadpool’s take town of the former King of the monsters, in Deadpool #2 we get to see him reign over them. However, what he chooses to use his power for is definitely strange. Deadpool #2 is written by Kelly Thompson (West Coast Avengers & Captain Marvel) and penciled by Chris Bachalo. It’s inked by Wayne Faucher, Livesay, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, and Tim Townsend. It was colored by David Curiel and lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino.

Deadpool #2 Takes Over Staten Island

When I originally picked up this series, this was not the direction that I saw it going. However, that doesn’t mean I’m disappointed. Deadpool is always a wildcard, so seeing how different writers and artists manipulate him is always fun. Deadpool #2 shows us a typical chaotic neutral version of Deadpool. In this iteration of the character he doesn’t pack as much wit as usual, but he’s definitely still Deadpool. After killing the former King of the Monsters in the last issue, Deadpool has begun his reign over them and Staten Island. Which, apparently, he’s planning on renaming. If you’re curious, Island McIslandFace is at the top of the list. Deadpool #2 definitely brings humor, and I sincerely hope this name is chosen.

Page #4 of Deadpool #2.
Deadpool #2 – Marvel (2019)

Along with renaming the island, he’s also started a new green initiative. This includes exchanging ferries for giant sea monsters. It also includes switching garbage trucks and landfills out for garbage consuming monsters. At the base level, it’s not a horrible idea. No, wait, it is definitely a horrible idea. The ferry replacing the monster ends up quickly killing someone in a smaller boat. Many of the other monsters just don’t seem to know that they’re participating in a new green initiative. All of this is also being filmed for a television commercial, for some reason. It’s quickly very clear that Deadpool is just being himself. He has no idea what he’s doing or how to run an island. While this is an incredibly weird and random storyline for Deadpool #2 to follow, it’s incredibly creative at the same time.

Captain America Tries To Make Peace

In the midst of filming the television commercial, Captain America pays a special visit to Deadpool. He begs him to stop what he’s doing and take the monsters out of State Island. This is clearly not something that Deadpool wanted to hear, and he fights back. Deadpool suggests having a war over the subject, while Cap continues to settle things in peace. Eventually, Deadpool kicks him off the island all together (via a monster throwing him up into the sky).

Page #5 of Deadpool #2.
Deadpool #2 – Marvel (2019)

It’s very clear throughout Deadpool #2 that Deadpool really doesn’t care what happens to the people around him. As stated above, he’s very much a chaotic neutral in terms of alignment. He kind of just wants everything to be a mess and doesn’t really care what happens in the process of that.

Should You Read Deadpool #2?

Let’s face it, if you’re a Deadpool fan you’re probably going to read any Deadpool content that finds its way to the shelves. I’m not saying that this is a bad comic by any means, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. Kelly Thompson is by far one of my favorite comic book writers, but this issue alone doesn’t feel on the same level as everything else she’s written.

Page #6 of Deadpool #2.
Deadpool #2 – Marvel (2019)

It’s fairly good and captures the essence of Deadpool well, but it kind of reads all over the place and it can be quite messy. Maybe that’s simply because Deadpool is all over the place. However, I will continue reading the series because I loved the first issue, and the second issue was still enjoyable. If you’re a fan of Deadpool, you should definitely read this new installment.