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Deadpool 2 Finally Has An ‘Official’ Trailer… Meet Cable

Deadpool 2 has been coming in hot with the teasers. I mean, between Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram and Twitter and the Bob Ross mini trailer, we deserve this as fans. We got an Ant-Man trailer, an Infinity War TV spot during the Super Bowl, and now we get Deadpool 2.

We finally see Cable in the flesh, which is fantastic. Domino is in action; I have been waiting to see that. There is a little glimpse of Wade himself. Then his beautiful girlfriend is in a quick scene which means they get back together which is always a happy love story, right? And, come on! You can’t forget Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


What I love about Wade is he’s snarky. This trailer does all of that and more for me. Interestingly enough this trailer is all about meeting the man of the hour, Cable. Since Deadpool doesn’t rely heavily on any particular comic (and how could it?), this film could be a mixture of 100 different comics from the Deadpool and Cable era.

Deadpool 2

I am 100% getting a Punisher vibe from Cable with his introduction. I’m uncertain how I feel about Josh Brolin at this point being Cable. I hope I end up liking him more when the film actually comes out. The trailer makes a joke about superhero films using CGI, and I loved that bit, so Wade of Wade to do.

We get a lot of action in this trailer – we see every superhero in action in some way. Domino, which we get a first real look at in this trailer, looks so badass. Regardless of if she depicts the comic version of domino, she looks badass. It seems like we will see more of Wade in his burned skin state – which means more of Wade and equal amounts of Deadpool.

…That’s Just Lazy Writing

I still have no actual clue what this movie will be about. The premise is being kept under wraps; we know the previous characters will all be in Deadpool 2 and Cable. But, what is hell is this movie going to be about? Granted, I still don’t know what the first Deadpool is about – and yet, it was the best superhero movie of the decade. So, maybe that is a good thing?

Deadpool 2

If you have enough information to write a “what we know” article, that means too much is being told and/or said. Maybe Deadpool is on the right track all along; perhaps it’s good we have no clue what this film is going to be about. That is what I keep telling myself anyway.

Either way, Deadpool 2 will see me in the theaters May 18th after Infinity War.

Deadpool 2 Has Sum Easter Eggs 2!

Oh, and also – it would not be a Deadpool 2 trailer without easter eggs. There’s a Goonie’s easter egg, a joke about Justice League and mustaches, and you can’t forget the Disney merger jokes. So damn good. What more do you need? Nothing. This trailer is hilarious and fantastic. Watch it now, please, it’s great.

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