Salute to Supernatural is always a blast. This weekend it was the turn for DC Washington, where lots of Supernatural fans gathered to meet their idols and celebrate their passion for the show. Here, at The Daily Fandom, we followed and livetweeted the convention with the latest news, photos and videos. But In case you missed it, here’s a recollection of all the highlights.


The panels for friday were Osric Chau (Kevin), Kim Rhodes (Jody), Corin Nemec (C. Campbell), Gil McKinney (Henry) and Chad Lindberg (Ash) with Richard Speight, Jr (Gabriel) as the host. Let’s start from the beginning.

Osric cosplaying during a Supernatural convention isn’t news. But still, everybody was very surprised with his LARP!Dean cosplay.


Osric was his usual self and was very nice to everybody. He even wandered around the theatre and sat next to other fans and he talked about how emotive his death scene. He said that his favourite episode was the first one he was in because it changed his life. He even recognised that he was a fan of the Backstreet Boys and even dared to sing. Kim Rhodes expressed her desire to be in the spin-off and proved once again that she’s not afraid to speak her mind: “I felt about it (Bloodlines) like I felt about my baby sister. What is that and why did you bring it home?”

Q: If you had to sell your soul to a demon for something what would it be?
Kim: Ten minutes in a room with Crowley!
Q: With a bed or a knife?
Kim: Both!

To finish the day, fans were able to enjoy the 80’s themed karaoke party at night with Richard and Matt.


The day started with a panel with Osric and Gil, together on stage for the first time. However, they shared incredibly chemistry and they got along really well. At the end of the panel, Gil said about Osric that he was “such a kind and soulful dude”.

As usual, Sebastian Roché’s panel wasn’t a regular panel. The convention schedule already warned that this panel was suggested for adults only. There were barely any questions asked and the crowd ended up singing the opening song of the Lion King.

But Saturday was Misha’s day, and the minions were waiting for the live screening of TSA America on StageIt. But of course, fans of the Overlord ended up crashing the site (Misha should really warn these websites beforehand!). There was a 30min delay but it was worth it. Here’s a video of the event without TSA America clips:


You can watch some gifs HERE but the whole thing probably won’t be uploaded because Misha asked the attendees not to pirate the shorts online because the benefits were for charity. You can purchase the DVD HERE. And if you can’t afford it, there’s a giveaway HERE.

In regards to the Season 9 finale, Misha confirmed that Cas does not get his grace back. It’s “dwindling”, he said.

Good news for Destiel shippers too. Misha was very playful with the subject and even dared to joke on Dean’s sexuality.



In other news, Misha doomed Tumblr because the Supernatural fandom really has a gif for everything now:


© jimmynovakisaved

Good luck for Gabriel’s fans too. Apparently, Robbie’s answer to Gabriel’s wink in Meta Fiction means that he is coming back. Of course, this won’t be confirmed until we actually see it with our own eyes and we have to remember that PR is not the same as showrunning.

And, of course, do we even need to say this? Matt Cohen’s shirt was off within minutes!

At night there was the evening cabaret, where lots of fans got to slow dance with the cast. HERE and HERE you can watch Gil singing during the party.






It was time for J2 to make an appearance. Their first panel of the day (10am) was only to those with Gold Patrons. They talked about staying into characters between scenes and about Misha, Danneel and TSA America. Jared confirmed that we’re gonna be seeing more dark!Dean in the next episodes. When asked about the season finale, he joked that Dean was all “Cas, look at me, b*tch!” while Sam was like “guys, what are you doing?”. Of course the dialogue is not literal and still has to be verified via video. Jared also added that the writers have been “trying to show who Cas and Crowley are outside of their relationship with the brothers”. Lastly, Jared said he was currently listening to the Jared Padalecki song.

After the Photo Ops and private meet & greet with Jared and Jensen (here’s a summary), the theatre opened for everybody with host Richard Speight, Jr announcing the schedule for the day. At 2pm, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard made an appearance. As expected, there were lots of jokes. They even said that they weren’t answering questions starting with an “if” when they were asked about body-swap. Mark was kind enough to hug a fan who was crying nervously and Misha joked about “post question therapy”. They also talked about parenthood and Mark appearing in shows like Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. They ended the panel with actual tears of laughter:

Q: Is Cas worried that Dean’s going to the dark side?
MarkHe’s going to the Mark’s side? 

More laughs to come with a full hour of Jared and Jensen in which they talked about things like green beans, their children, Jared’s hair… So not much show-related. They did mention though that they would like a Supernatural movie, and they joked saying that it could be called “My Bloody Friday the 13th”. 


Cosplay winner was Mary on the ceiling. CAsplay winner was true form!Cas. Here’s a gallery with some of the best cosplays of the weekend: