Day 2 of Fan Fest: David Ramsey panel, Arrow teases!!

Day 2 of Fan Fest: David Ramsey panel, Arrow teases!! 3

Another fun day! I spent money I shouldn’t have on some amazing art but as this is a fan site I want to get straight into the important part. What the HELL is happening on Arrow and will Dig FINALLY get a costume? I have answers for that 🙂

As an aside before I get into the good stuff. I have been watching Arrow since day 1 but this season has not been doing it for me. I am not casting aspersions on any actors, writers or anything else as this is my personal opinion. I have just not felt emotionally connected to any of the characters. The stories feel stilted, the relationships weakly connected. Other than the Flash/Arrow crossovers, it seems like all the characters are strangers in a way with each other. I watch Flash and Supernatural and in both of those shows the bonds between the characters are so very well established while, to me, Arrow is floundering in this aspect. This was the main reason I haven’t written a review of the Mid-Season Finale and decided to wait for the panel to see where the show is going. David gave me some hope so I will keep watching to see what develops.

David Ramsey was a great panelist; funny, relaxed and gave us a lot more information than I thought he’d be able to as to what is in store. I have tons of sneak peeks, speculation and other goodies for you.

To start with: Diggle is an Olicity shipper and David appears to be as well. Just getting this one out of the way. I am not a shipper but his answer to a question was so hysterical I have to put it in here. A fan asked what Dig would tell Oliver so he could get over the angst and finally be happy. David’s first words, paraphrased were, “Get together with Felicity already! Damn boy!” Much laughter ensued. What he said afterward was very insightful as to how Diggle views Oliver. He stated that Oliver is how Diggle was after he first got back from Afghanistan, the guilt, the distancing himself from others, the search to find his humanity again and because of that Diggle, would really love Oliver to try to pursue a relationship with Felicity. He wants Oliver to find happiness and forgiveness within himself.

In my fanfics that is how I have always viewed Dig and it was gratifying and touching to hear David state that he views Diggle the same way. David himself seemed to love the chemistry between the two characters as well. He then went on to say that while Oliver is “away”, we are going to get to see more of why Dig sticks with Oliver. A fan asked if Dig has ever just wanted to smack the heck out of Oliver for some of the decisions he has made, to which David replied, “Oh yeah. diggleThere’s times I think Dig is sitting there thinking, “Why the hell am I working with this guy?” He was pretty upfront and stated that Dig saves Oliver’s life just about every other episode, but not this time. Apparently Dig views Oliver as the brother he can save after losing his real brother to Deadshot and they explore that more in depth as the rest of the season progresses.

David also addressed something that has been getting on my nerves, Roy. I’ve felt that this season Roy has just been hanging around and they haven’t a clue on what to do with him. His interactions with everyone have seemed stilted, fragmented and just weird. According to David, Roy will be stepping up in a rather large way to help protect Starling in Oliver’s absence and there will be some scenes with Roy and Merlyn together which I can’t wait to see. He also stated that Sin will be returning and her reaction to Canary not being Sara is going to be very pivotal to the story.

Many of the fans, myself included were rather disappointed with the fight between Ra’s and Oliver, turns out David felt the same. He said he thought there would be more to it and that it looked like the varsity team vs the worst junior varsity team ever. I have to agree. I know Ra’s is a very deadly fighter but I felt that they pulled back on what Oliver can do to make Ra’s win. It may also have been because they were probably freezing to death on top of that mountain. The fight scenes in general have just been off this season, which is another thing that has bothered me. David stated that the League of Assassins are going to continue to play a major role in what happens this season so get ready for some more shadowy blades and arrows fights, some of my favorites.

When asked about Thea David told us to prepare for an intense plot line involving her and MerlynArrow-303-Bringing-Thea-Home and that it will throw us all for a loop. Good! This is a story I have really wanted to see pursued since the end of last season and I am excited to hear that it will be worthy of the two actors involved. Willa and John have great chemistry and play well off each other, this one has me rubbing my hands in anticipation.

David also dropped a massive hint about the future of Starling city, he stated by the end of the season there will be three superheroes, other than Oliver,  protecting Starling. Which means Arsenal and Black Canary come into their own but leaves a question as to the third. He stated that the show runners are unsure still as to how much of ATOM’s exosuit they want to show this season but he ALSO STATED THAT DIGGLE GETS “SOMETHING” IN THE WAY OF A COSTUME! FINALLY! So is our third hero Ray, Dig or does Thea choose to fight against Merlyn? We shall see. Personally I am not sure I like the concept of Starling having that many heroes, my first thought was just how much trouble can one city get into. Following that was that if I heard about this and lived in Starling I would be moving as quickly as possible.

As far as future crossovers, everyone involved with the shows wants to do them. It’s primarily a logistics and budgeting issue. Those are not easy to do but it sounds like as soon as they can work it out there will be more. David also kept mentioning season four, not with specifics of what will happen but when he referenced things they are planning to do, which leads me to believe that Arrow is pretty safe from the chopping block come renewal time.

We got to hear some fairly hilarious stories about his time on other shows and he stated that the Arrow set and he and Stephen specifically don’t prank each other as much as just do stupid stuff to make each other crack up. It seems that messing with the people on camera when you are off camera is a universal thing to do, not just relegated to the cast on Supernatural. The Arrow set tends to go more for funny noises and obscure references to make people crack on camera, the more juvenile the better. I think it’s a guy thing lol.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out as much as we did and David was great at telling people if their question was a “producer” question instead of hedging. The actors don’t know everything and it was nice that he addressed that in a polite fashion and explained why.

There was one thing that David kept emphasizing whenever the chance presented itself, that the fans have power and CW is very keyed into social media. We’ve probably all realized this by now but the importance that David placed on it stood out to me. There were many questions where he finished his answer with, “Tweet about it, tell them about it, you may end up getting it.” It’s a new era in fan/show interaction and I think the smart shows and actors will be the ones that use this tool in the best way possible. I also think that fans have to be careful not to get power hungry, remember, they are people too and are deserving of respect, not bashing or hating. David made it pretty apparent that the Olicity ship has been added in, not just because of the chemistry between the actors, but because of fan response, we all know Emily was only supposed to be in one episode. The same thing happened with Castiel in Supernatural. My hope is that the fans realize that with great power comes great responsibility and that all fans and their opinions deserve a place at the table, not just the ones you agree with.

All in all it was a very enlightening, fun hour with a lot of great stories and laughter. Glad I went!


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