Darkness Clouds Over Bruce Wayne In Batman #55

Batman #55

Bruce Wayne has been through a lot lately to put it lightly. One would think there isn’t much more Tom King could do to make things worse for the Caped Crusader. Oooh, how wrong you would be to assume that. Batman #55 is a great example of how quickly things can go from the light into the darkness.

King pairs up with artist Tony Daniel, to present one of Tom King’s most controversial issues yet with a shocking twist at the end. One thing is clear, King is not afraid to write a story that he will most definitely get some backlash by some hardcore fans.

Batman #55
Batman #55 (DC Entertainment)

Puns & Grunts

The story opens with Nightwing and Batman taking on an army of soulless mummies. Throughout the entire sequence, and the whole issue Dick Grayson is constantly making quips and enjoying himself. Dick does whatever he can to try and cheer up Bruce, who is still dealing with losing Selina.

Batman #55
Batman #55 (DC Entertainment)

Bruce even responds to a few Dick’s quips in a sarcastic, funny way. Well, as funny as a depressed Batman can be anyway. Tom King writes Nightwing fabulously in Batman #55, and previous issues. Recently, Dick hasn’t left Bruce’s side, doing whatever it takes to get him back to his normal self.¬†

Not A Contest

Throughout the issue, we see the Russian assassin known as KGBeast slowly making his way into America, and going about his day. Tony Daniel gives him no emotion or facial expressions at all throughout the issue, making the reader that much more curious as to what he is up to.

Batman #55 (DC Entertainment)

Meanwhile, Dick and Bruce are still moving throughout Gotham on Patrol. Dick continuing with his light-hearted humor challenges Bruce to a contest. Bruce quickly dismisses the idea of being a contest. Midway through they take off as Commissioner Gordon has lit the Bat-Signal.

A Daring Twist

Many would argue that when Batman and Catwoman did not end up getting married it wasn’t much of a shock. That doesn’t mean people weren’t outraged at the result, it just means it wasn’t that surprising.

After all the negative feedback received from the wedding, Tom King could have been a bit careful with his following stories. For a while, it seemed like he was going to. Then, out of nowhere, Tom King leaves you with your jaw on the ground at the end of Batman #55. Before you read the issue, I warn you not to flip through the book.

Batman #55 (DC Entertainment)

Obviously, it could be a hoax and what seems to happen doesn’t actually happen. That even feels like the most likely scenario. But, on the slight chance it is real, well, Batman’s universe is about to get much darker.

The Art

Tony Daniel has another great issue like he usually does. He does a great job contrasting Nightwing’s fun lighthearted spirit, and Batman’s stoic, cold personality. There are also plenty of splash pages to show off Daniel’s talent.

Batman #55
Batman #55 (DC Entertainment)

Colors by Tomeu Morey are a great fit to pair with Daniel’s art. Morey shows how vast his skills are with multiple pages of different shades, and bright colors contrasting the darkness of Gotham.

Final Thoughts on Batman #55

Batman #55 continues the light tone of Nightwing and Batman patrolling Gotham. Attempting to return Bruce to once again be the Batman everyone is familiar with. Even with the controversial ending (if they go through with it), the rest of the issue seems to fall a bit short.

Until the end, the books feels almost exactly like the previous issue. Nothing significant happens and it all feels a bit dry. Yet, the end of the issue still makes you want to to see what happens next. If the ending is legitimate, Tom King might need to hire some personal bodyguards.

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