After a somewhat claustrophobic episode that focused on the Android and the Raza ship, ‘Episode Four’ takes us to a place that had been mentioned for a while now: the Space Station. In this episode, our characters learn that they might not be as free to walk around as normal citizens as they thought.


dark matter - episode four - the daily fandom

The episode starts with the usual debate on the table on what should be done next. They need money so they decide to separate themselves into different groups when arriving the space station. Three is assigned to go with One to try to sell weapons, which means more team work effort on their part. Six goes to the clinic so they can cure his arm. Lastly, Five stays with Two while Four is left behind to look around the ship for something else to sell. This allowed us to see several different stories and several scenarios play out at the same time, which felt very refreshing.

As we could already predict, there was a lot of arguing between One and Three as they appear to be very different. According to Three, One is “soft” and only thinks with the heart, which might get someone killed one day. And, according to One, Three only thinks of himself which makes him “untrustworthy”. One and Three also carried the heaviest part of the episode as there was an important revelation: a man identical to One, who claims to be Jace Corso, kidnaps them and interrogates them to know why they’re identical. Jace Corso also happens to be the buyer of the weapons, except that he just steals them from the ship (to be honest, I thought the Android would be able to recognise that he wasn’t really One). In the meantime, One and Three manage to escape.

Two and Five face a pretty similar situation. They go to a casino to earn some money gambling. Even though they are pretty good at it, a few men grab them and accuse them of cheating, which is untrue. They get into a fight and Two ends up killing them, which upsets Five. At the end of the episode, Two reflects that “she’s perfectly normal, which is a problem on this ship”.

episode four - dark matter - the daily fandom

As per the ones going solo, Six spends half of the episode in the waiting room of the clinic, where he sees an ad on creating clones. This is something that could be related to Jace Corso, except for the fact that he said it’s impossible that they are clones. While being examined, the doctor takes a sample of Six’s DNA and finds out that he’s a wanted criminal and immediately calls security. Thankfully, Six is very perceptive and skilled and is able to knock out the doctor and escape before security arrives. As per Four, he’s found a ring that turns out to be “something you kill to find”, expanding the mythology a bit.

Once they are all safe back in the ship, we see that Three and One lie about what happened and don’t tell the others about Jace Corso. Later on, One thanks Three for covering him up, but in exchange Three makes him promise to accept his future decisions and follow his lead. I have got to say, One and Three were the pair that I expected the least to work together and keep secrets from the others.

Apart from that, the outcome of the trip to the space station is also that they didn’t get any money and that they’re actually worse than at the beginning. The only thing they have obtained with that is the information that One and Three are keeping secret. Oh, and also the fact that Four happens to be the son of an emperor who got killed.

Bottom line, it was nice to see a new setting that wasn’t the ship. Even though they are still not trusting each other, some alliances are being made and they continue learning more about themselves and their situations. By living this experience together, you would expect them to form some sort of bond. The problem continues being that there are still many mysteries about their past to be resolved.